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Centre for Cell & Developmental Biology (细胞及发育生物学研究中心, CCDB) is a research unit under the Faulty of Science and School of Life Sciences. It is jointly recommended by the Faculty of Science and the Department of Biology, and appoved by Administrative and Planning Committee in 2009, to enhance cooperation among different research groups in the area of cell and developmental biology.

The Centre is lead by Prof. JIANG Liwen, having Prof. GE Wei and Prof. Kwan Kin Ming as principle investigators. The Centre have carried out research in the area of Cell Biology and Developmental biology using model organisms including Arabidopsis, zebrafish and mouse that have resulted in many publications in top-ranked international journals including Plant Cell and Trends in Plant Sciences. In addition, it has served as a platform for collaborative research and has hosted researchers from HKUST, Mainland China and USA that has resulted in joint-publications in top-ranked international journals such as Cell, Science, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Neuron, Cell Research and Plant Cell.

In the future, the Centre is expected to further promote local, regional and international collaborative research using itself as a platform.




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