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Admission and Application

PRINCH admission requirement

-        Preferably completed a minimum of 600 hours of Putonghua study (equivalent to completion of Regular Putonghua Programme level 3 in CLC).

-        Admission of students below this level is sometimes accepted subject to the final decision of the division head. However, the students should understand PRINCH programme works best on intermediate and advanced students. Students below this level, though can enjoy the cultural aspect of the programme, the boost to language performance is not as obvious as others.

-        Mature in character and willing to learn different Chinese culture.

-        Attend the pre-departure briefing.


1.        Fill in the application form. Click here to download. Applicant with health concern, such as food allergy, should specify in the application form.

2.        Sign on the terms and conditions included in the application form.

3.        Return the form together with payment instruction, either by credit card or HK Dollar cheque.


Application deadline

3 months before the programme starts.


Information Session

An information session is usually held in January or February each year during week-day lunch time to introduce the PRINCH programme for that summer. Light refreshments will be provided.

Pre-departure briefingmandatory to all participants

Usually takes place 1 month before the programme. The briefing lasts for 2 hours and covers topics like: Chinese language learning and culture shock, Do’s and Don’ts in China, health precautions, preparation for departure, daily schedule, grouping, meeting the teacher and academic preparation etc.






-              已修读最少600小时的汉语(相等于研习所常规课程的第三班)

-              组长按情况也会接受上述程度以下的学生,但学生必须明白PRINCH在中级及高级学生的作用较明显,在此程度以下的学生仍可享受课程的文化元素,但语言水平的跃进较不明显;

-              性格成熟,愿意学习中国不同的文化;

-              出席出发前讲座。


-          填写报名表格, 按此下载。申请者若有健康的顾虑如食物敏感,应在报名表上注明;

-          签妥报名表后的责任与条款;

-          报名资料连同款项交还研习所,可用信用咭或港元支票付款。













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