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Learning Cantonese is a Piece of Cake?

Hi 老外 (l坕o w坖i) ! So you think Cantonese is a piece of cake because of your good Putonghua? Surely knowledge of Putonghua is useful when learning Cantonese, but you need to be careful of ‘false friends’ or you will suffer from interference rather than help! Is there a pattern how Putonghua differs from Cantonese in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary? Join our talk and explore! (Putonghua speaking foreigners who plan to learn or learning Cantonese are most welcomed)

Date: 31 July 2014
Time: 12:40-1:25
Venue: Fong Yun Wah Hall
Speakers: Chan Chi Leung, Shen Min Yu, Chan Kin Wing (Cantonese teachers of Yale-China Chinese Language Centre)

Seats are limited and on first-come-first served basis. Please arrive on time! For any enquiry, please contact CLC at 3943-6727/

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2012-13 1st week of Web Enhanced Teaching for International students

Web-based learning of Chinese language course will not be started from week 1, please attend the lecture and our instructor will inform you the exact dates of lab sessions held at language laboratories during class.


For any question, please contact us at 3943-8224/ 3943-5925.


Thank you for your attention.


University Programme Division (UPD),

Yale-China Chinese Language Center (CLC)



The 2011 CLC Spring Party was held on March 4. Over 100 students from Putonghua Programme, Cantonese Programme and University Programme Divisions performed at the event including chorus, poem recital, short play and dancing. Photos are available at Enjoy!


IAS Programme placement week for Fall Term 2009: 31 August - 4 September. Please study registration guidelines first.

International Undergraduate Orientation with briefing on Chinese language course selection. Date: 31 August 2009.

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