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Student As Partners Practice - Considerations for Building Inclusive and Diverse Educational Spaces

Event Description: In this symposium we will consider how to build inclusive Students as Partners and educational opportunities with students and staff. Drawing on their experiences at the University of Westminster, the speakers will discuss how to approach inclusion the reflexive practices to engage with and how to collectively develop the visions for the future. Central to their approach is to acknowledge and centre the voices of traditionally marginalised students and staff.

The speakers' work is guided by Westminster Co-Creators Principles at the heart of which is the belief that partnership relationships should aim to be non-hierarchical enable a shift away from traditional student : staff roles and equally acknowledge the contributions and experiences of all individuals involved. The speakers will use examples from their work with the Students as Co-Creators and the Pedagogies for Social Justice projects to illustrate these approaches. Understanding that this is a challenging and complex process we offer this symposium as a step in CUHK¡¯s and your own journeys toward creating pedagogical spaces in which students and staff alike can flourish.

Event Poster

Facilitator(s): Dr Jennifer Fraser, Principal Lecturer, University of Westminster
Dr Fatima Maatwk, Lecturer, University of Westminster

Date: 9 December 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 15:00- 17:00

Format (F2F or Zoom): Zoom

Target Audience: All are welcome

Medium of Instruction: English

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