The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Chapter 10 Non-formal Learning Activities

10.1 Ug Student Development Portfolio

To promote holistic personal growth among Ug students, the University has launched the ¡°I¡¤CARE¡± framework. The framework contains the five desired attributes, values and skills necessary for all-round student development:

A Student Development Portfolio system has been developed accordingly to facilitate the recording and presentation of students¡¯ accomplishments in experiential learning. This electronic system records students¡¯ out-of-class learning activities, and provides a platform for students to reflect upon, and to make meaning of, their participation in such activities. A student¡¯s portfolio also serves as a resume that allows students to showcase their efforts and achievements in non-academic endeavours during their university studies. Appendix 10-1 shows details of the I¡¤CARE framework and the Student Development Portfolio.

10.2 Guidelines for Monitoring, Supporting and Organizing Student Activities

The Guidelines for Monitoring and Supporting Activities for Students (Appendix 10-2) ensure the efficacy and quality of experiential learning and other non-formal learning. They describe general procedures for better coordination and monitoring of activities organized by different Departments/ units for reporting information on outbound activities and for providing support to students, especially in cases of emergency or crisis.

10.3 Other Forms of Support

Appendix 10-3 shows a summary of other support services and activities available to students during their course of study. Chapter 14 of the Code of Practice for Taught Postgraduate Studies (Appendix 2-9) and Code of Practice for Research Postgraduate Studies (Appendix 2-11) also provide relevant materials.

Please see also Chapter 11 for learning activities at Colleges, and Chapter 12 for student exchange activities.