The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Chapter 12Student Exchange Opportunities

12.1 Overview

Exchange programmes provide students with the chance to benefit from studying in a different academic and cultural setting: to raise their foreign language proficiency, to experience living in a different country and culture, to develop skills which allow personal growth, and to build diverse friendships and interpersonal networks, while completing academic requirements for graduation.

12.2 Ug Exchange Opportunities

Ug students may participate in term-time exchange programmes that last for either one term or a full academic year. Students need to meet minimum academic requirements (Appendix 12-1) in order to participate in exchange programmes.

Students on exchange may apply for credit transfer through CUSIS. Academic transcripts received from exchange institutions are automatically transferred from the OAL to the Registry for record and consideration for credit transfer.

Ug students may also take part in summer exchange programmes and summer schools coordinated by the OAL (Appendix 12-2) and the OAL (China) (Appendix 12-3), student interflow programmes (Appendix 12-4) as well as short-term non-local learning programmes coordinated by individual Colleges/ Departments/ programmes/ Units.

Ug students may apply for financial support through the CUHK Student Exchange Financial Aid and Scholarship Scheme to participate in term-time student exchange and eligible summer/ short-term exchange programmes (Appendix 12-5).

To encourage students on exchange to put in necessary effort in their academic studies during exchange, the Senate has approved that the University will record on transcripts students¨ participation in the respective term-time exchange programme(s), and users of transcripts are reminded to obtain from students the transcripts issued from the exchange partner institutions concerned.

12.3 Support for Incoming Students

Students from partner institutions may participate in term-time exchange programmes that last for either one term or a full academic year, or summer exchange programmes at CUHK. Students need to meet minimum academic requirements (Appendix 12-6) in order to participate in exchange programmes at CUHK.

OAL provides support for incoming exchange students. Major services include

12.4 Graduate Exchange Opportunities

The Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence supports PhD students to undertake short-term research projects in select research institutions for a duration of three to six months. PhD students from those institutions may, in turn, undertake similar projects at the University for a period of time. The University also provides financial support for its students and free on-campus accommodation for visiting/ incoming students. Details can be found at Appendix 12-7.

The PhD Student Exchange Programme enables PhD students to undertake research projects at a partner institution for a period from one to six months. The University also provides financial support for its students, whereas visiting students can participate in the programme at CUHK under the funding support from their home institutions. The programme guidelines are listed in Appendix 12-8.

12.5 Monitoring Quality

OAL monitors the quality of its exchange programmes regularly. It organizes sharing sessions for students participating in exchange programmes, administers student surveys and is also responsible for following up feedback from students and partner institutions. The Committee on Student Exchange (Appendix 12-9) advises the overall management and quality of student exchange activities.