The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Chapter 9Academic Advising and Support, and Learning Resources

9.1 Academic Advisory System

Under the university-wide Academic Advisory System, Faculty Academic Advisors provide general academic guidance to students. Such guidance ranges from advice on adapting to university studies, study progress, study strategies, to study planning. Academic Advisors also provide a basic level of pastoral care to foster studentsí» personal growth. Main features of the System are as follows:

Appendix 9-1 shows the Handbook on the Implementation of the Academic Advisory System. It contains the terms of reference of the Faculty Committee on Academic Advising and the roles/ responsibilities of relevant parties.

Faculties conduct regular sharing sessions on the implementation of the Academic Advisory System; they have to complete a checklist (Appendix 9-2) for each session for monitoring purpose, as well as for sharing of good practices and difficulties encountered for further improvement.

9.2 Improving Postgraduate Learning Programme

The Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) Programme, offered by the Graduate School and administratively supported by the CLEAR, contains courses on generic research skills and teaching skills. All Pg students are welcome to attend. Details are described in Section 6.7 of the Code of Practice for Research Postgraduate Studies (Appendix 2-11). The IPL Programme Handbook can be accessed at Appendix 9-3.

9.3 Independent Learning Centre

The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) provides a wide range of resources and learning opportunities for students to improve their academic study, independent learning and language skills. The ILC also provides extensive training and practice opportunities for students to develop skills associated with career preparation throughout the year. It also provides various online independent learning materials to support studentsí» learning (Appendix 9-4).

9.4 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library (CUHK Library)

CUHK Library embraces the following key objectives in their support to T&L:

Teachers and students can easily gain access to the resources available in the CUHK Library (Appendix 9-5) and the libraries of other UGC-funded institutions through the Hong Kong Academic Library Link (Appendix 9-6).

9.5 Student Information System and Learning Management System

CUSIS provides a host of functionalities for students, ranging from course enrolment to scholarship applications, from graduation requirements monitoring to official transcript requests (Appendix 9-7). Likewise, faculty members can view and manage student roster, enter course grades, and handle student requests such as credit transfer and programme change on this platform.

The Learning Management System (LMS) provides an integrated set of tools to support course delivery, learning communities, content management and assessment. It aims to make available a university-wide eLearning system and keep it up-to-date so as to encourage teachers to utilize technology to meet the Universityí»s mission of excellence in teaching and to enhance studentsí» learning experiences (Appendix 9-8).

CUSIS and LMS are based on Oracle PeopleSoft campus solutions and Blackboard respectively, which are commercial packages rather than in-house bespoke systems.