The Chinese University of Hong Kong



The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK; the University) is a comprehensive research university, one of whose key strengths is quality teaching. The University¡¯s commitment to quality teaching is reflected by the many well-established and structured quality assurance (QA) mechanisms that ensure high academic standards, and student achievement of outcomes at all levels: institutional, programme, and course.

This Quality Manual thus documents existing policies and practices on quality assurance/ enhancement implemented, in and applied to, all programmes at the undergraduate (Ug) and postgraduate (Pg) levels. It serves as a users’ guide to all teachers and students of the University, and more specifically, its primary purposes are:

This Manual, together with its appendices, is also available on-line. It will be updated on a regular basis by the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL). All offices and units at the University are also urged to contact the Academic and Quality Section (AQS) of the Registry to provide relevant updates.

Feedback on this Manual is most welcome. Please make suggestions, comments, and updates by email to the AQS at