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CUSAP Financial System

The University has been using SAP (subsequently renamed as CUSAP) since 1996 for its financial system.

CUSAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  Besides the Finance Office, a few pilot Departments and all Colleges have also used CUSAP to view the financial information before CUSAP decentralization.

In recent years, the University has commissioned the project on decentralization of CUSAP for use by all Departments /Units (D/Us), with a view to exploiting the full benefits available from the CUSAP ERP. Under the project, e-forms and e-workflows on major finance-related functions are developed and placed on an online platform “CUSAP Launchpad” for processing transactions, auto-fund checking and vetting / approval communication between D/Us and FNO. CUSAP Launchpad also provides an intact database for D/Us to retrieve and inquire financial information and transaction records (including scanned copies uploaded by D/Us and FNO).


  • Financial Information Inquiry
  • University Supplier Directory
  • E-functions to conduct  procurement activities  
  • E-functions to manage fixed assets and portable expensed electronic equipment (PEEE)  
  • E-payment ( to pay both external and internal parties )
  • E-invoicing ( to external parties)
  • E-receipts ( to report and account for income received )   
  • E-functions to handle inter-departmental billings and transfers 
  • E-functions to handle petty cash claims and float reimbursements


Training Slides for University Suppliers' Directory (Jan 2021) New


Training Slides for e-Invoicing and e-Receipt (Jan 2021) New


Financial Information Inquiry - Reader Guide and Illustration (Simplified Version) (Nov 2020)


Video Training for e-Payment


Briefing for e-DPO/EA Administrators (Jun 2019)

  • User Training PowerPoint
  • User Training Demonstration 1
  • CUSAP E-Workflow Administrator Authorization Form ( PDF Format / Excel Excel Format )
  • CUSAP E-Workflow Departmental Settings Request Form – Purchasing ( PDF Format /word Word Format )


Fixed Asset (FA) and Portable Expensed Electronic Equipment (PEEE) (July 2019 and Jan 2020)


Presentation of CUSAP to Focus Group (Jan 2018)


For Feedback & Enquiry

Finance Office - Procurement
Name Post Phone
Mr. Dominic Ho Finance Manager 3943-7877
Mr. Geoffrey Chung Executive Officer 3943-8610

Finance Office - Payment
Name Post Phone
Ms. Monica Yuen Finance Manager 3943-1713
Mr. Alex Cheng Accountant 3943-7184

Finance Office - Invoicing & Receipt
Name Post Phone
Mr. Peter Lee Finance Manager 3943-7299
Ms. Maggie Chan Assistant Finance Manager 3943-1939

Finance Office - Fixed Asset Management
Name Post Phone
Ms. Jasman Mak Project Coordinator 3943-1876

Name Post Phone
Ms. Anita Kwong Senior IT Manager 3943-8872
Ms. Pansy Leung Senior IT Manager 3943-8918
Ms. Oiting Lau

Assistant IT Manager

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