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About the Committee
Health Campaign and Programme
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About the Committee


Chairman: Professor Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor


Ms. Kitty Yu, Registrar (ex officio)

Mr. Eric S.P. Ng, Secretary of the University (ex officio)

Ms. Lavender Cheung, Director of Communications and Public Relations (ex officio)

Mr. Lam Yiu-wa, Director of Estates Management (ex officio)

Dr. Scotty Luk, Director of the University Health Service (ex officio)

Mr. Ralph Lee, Director of University Safety Office (ex officio)

A representative from the Information Technology Services Centre
- Ms. Wendy Chan

A representative from the Office of Student Affairs
- Ms. Agnes Ho

A representative of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Staff Association (CUSA)
- Mr. Frankie Law

A representative of Teachers' Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUTA)
- Professor Joan Zuo

Professor Paul Chan, Department of Microbiology

Representative(s) from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education / Physical Education Unit
- Professor Stanley Hui
- Dr. Elean Leung

A representative of the CHPP College Working Groups of the nine Colleges*

A student representative from the Student Union of CUHK

A student representative from the Student Unions of the nine Colleges

Information Co-ordinator
- Ms. Tiffany Chan, University Health Service

Secretary: Ms. Tiffany Chan, University Health Service

* The nine representatives of the CHPP College Working Groups serve as College Coordinators and attend meetings on a rotation basis.

Terms of Reference

In regard to the areas of hygiene, prevention of disease on campus and promotion of health in general,

a. to make recommendations to AAPC on the formulation and revision of policies, strategies and action plans;
b. to coordinate the efforts of the various units within the University and resources available to the University to achieve the aforesaid goals/targets;
c. to solicit support and develop resources from outside the university through inter-institutional/inter-programme collaborations and grants to help the University achieve the aforesaid goals/targets;
d. to monitor the progress of work and evaluate the effective implementation of the aforesaid policies, strategies and action plans on a continuing basis; and
e. to undertake any other duties as may be prescribed by AAPC.

Annual Reports

March 2021


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