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Precautionary Measures for Hostels

The following measures are recommended for hostels:

  • All should follow the good hygiene practices.
  • Arrange an ample supply of thermometers, surgical masks, surgical gloves and accessories. All who may have developed mild symptoms or appear to be sick should take a temperature check.
  • Anyone with a fever of >38°C and respiratory symptoms should seek IMMEDIATE consultation with a doctor at UHS or at a hospital.
  • If a patient is admitted to the hospital, UHS should be informed as soon as possible (Tel. 39436436). UHS will keep track of the condition of the patient with the hospital, and any updated information will be relayed to the respective College and hostel.
  • If the patient is admitted to hospital as a suspected novel influenza / avian influenza / SARS / MERS case, the patient's roommate is required to undergo home quarantine for 10-14 days, counting from the date of the last contact with the patient. If the diagnosis of of the patient is confirmed, follow the advice from the hospital.
  • Cleansing and disinfection will be carried out at the hostel room of the hospitalized student according to guidelines of the Committee.

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