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Site Map

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Safety Information

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Safety Policy

OSH Related Websites

OSH Legislation



Safety Guidelines and Manual (accessible via CUHK network only)

Introduction to University Safety Office


  • Workplace Hygiene and Office Safety

Workplace Hygiene and Safety


- Safety Management

  • Code of Practice on Safety Management
  • A Guide to Safety Management
  • Self Audit Checklist for Safety Management System

- Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

  • Occupational Safety & Health (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations
  • Risk Assessment 2013
  • Code of Practice for working with Display Screen Equipment (Chinese )
    Workstation Risk Assessment Checklist
  • 工作间危险评估表
  • A Health Guide on Working with Display Screen Equipment
  • FAQ for Display Screen Equipment

- Environmental Hygiene

  • Monthly Ovitrap Index in CUHK

- Workplace Chemical Safety

  • The Code of Practice on Control of Air Impurities (Chemical Substances) in the Workplace
  • Chemical Safety in the Workplace - Guidance Notes on Risk Assessment and Fundamentals of Establishing Safety Measures

- Hazardou Waste : Biological / Clinical Waste, Chemical Waste Disposal , Waste Battery Disposal, or Radioactive Waste

- Offices and Other Areas

  • Safety Information for New Staff - Safety Video
  • Self Audit Checklist for Office, classrooms and related areas
  • Office Safety
  • Radiation / Electromagnetic Field Survey in CUHK (March 2012 updated)
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Working Above Ground Safety
  • Safety training courses / talks

- Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist

  • Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Biological Safety Checklist


  • Laboratory Safety

    • Health Safety & Environmental Assessment for Research Grant Application
    • Laboratory Safety Manual
      • General and Chemical
      • Biological
      • Physical and Radiation
    • Lab Safety Training
      • Postgraduate Laboratory Safety Training
        Undergraduate Laboratory Safety Training Summer Course
        In-house General Laboratory Safety and Health Course for Staff Members
    • Laboratory Design - Safety and Legislation Concerns
      • Reference Data for General Laboratory Design
      • General consideration for Designing Laboratories involving Radiation
      • Laboratory designs must be sent to USO for basic approval
      • Annual Testing of Biosafety Cabinets and Fume Cupboards
      • Laboratory / Workshop and Site Safety Clearance
      • Laboratory CAUTION warning signs / Chemical labels
      • Fire Services Department Requirement for Handling, Using and Storage of Cat. 2 DG (Gas Cylinders)
      • List of Chemicals Under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance Cap.295
      • Chemicals and biological agents related to the manufacturing of Chemical & Biological Weapons
    • Others
      • About Proper Laboratory Dress
      • Procedures for Testing of Emergency Shower Units
      • Why Can't Food be Permitted at a "Clean" Laboratory?
      • Shock Sensitive and Explosive Chemicals
      • Chemical Waste Collection Service in CU Campus
      • Use of Neurotoxins or Cytotoxic Substances in Animals (July 2019)
      • Recycle of Empty Chemical Glass Bottles (July 2019)


  • Construction Safety



  • Download

Application Forms / Checklist / Report Forms / Labels

  • Dangerous Goods Stores Unit (DGSU)
Purchase or disposal of DG in CUHK
  • What's New

The recent updates of the USO website




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