Summer Courses 2020

University-Level Credit-bearing Course List
Category I – University-Level Credit-bearing Courses
Students who complete the course and meet its requirement can opt for credit exemption when studying at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
大学学分课程: 学生完成课程并达到科目要求,可保留大学学分,将来入读中大时可申请豁免选修∕指定科目学分。
Subject Course Details Target
Mathematics SAYT1014 Towards Modern Algebra (EPYMT)
数学英才精进计划 ── 近世代数初探
Promoting to or Studying S4-S5
Mathematics SAYT1034 Complex Numbers and Analytic Geometry (EPYMT)
数学英才精进计划 ── 复数与解析几何
Promoting to or Studying S4-S5
Mathematics SAYT1134 Towards Differential Geometry (EPYMT) 
数学英才精进计划 ── 微分几何初探
Promoting to or Studying S5-S6
Physics SAYT1005 Introduction to University Physics
Promoting to or Studying S5-S6
Academy-Level Credit Course List
Category II – Academy-Level Credit-bearing Courses
Students can accumulate credits which will be regarded as “Other Learning Experience” when applying University.
学院学分课程: 学生可记录颁授的学分以证明在中学课程外的科学学习经验,并协助他们报考大学及相关的课程。
Subject Course Details Target
Chemistry CUSA1021 Analysis in Modern Chemistry
Promoting to or Studying S5-S6
Chemistry CUSA1041 Essentials of Organic Chemistry

Promoting to or studying S4-S6
Life Sciences CUSA2023 Introduction to Bionics
Promoting to or Studying S2-S3
Life Sciences CUSA2043 An Ocean of Inspiration and Beauty
Promoting to or studying S4-S6
Statistics SAYT1026 Statistics Modeling and Big Data Analytics
Studying in S4-S6