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** IMPORTANT: TYPHOON (Wiphais) ARRANGEMENT ON 31/07/2019 (Wed) for STEM1020B & CUSA1016**

由于香港天文台会在下午2时正或以前发出八号热带气旋警告信号 (韦帕),所有SAYT期课,今日午停课(STEM1020B Robotics in the Real-World and CUSA1016 Statistical Reasoning and Data Exploration)
As the Hong Kong Observatory will consider issuing the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal, No. 8 (Wipha) is expected to be issued at or before 2:00 p.m. today (31 Jul 2019)., all of our SAYT summer course(STEM1020B Robotics in the Real-World and CUSA1016 Statistical Reasoning and Data Exploration) are suspended today.

(韦帕)即将来临,可能会在明天(1 / 8-星期三)影响香港,请查看以下“恶劣天气条件下的安排”
As Typhoon (Wiphais) is approaching and may affect Hong Kong tomorrow (1/8-Wed), please note the below “Arrangements Under Inclement Weather Conditions”

Arrangements Under Inclement Weather Conditions

Please be noted that if class is suspended due to inclement weather conditions, it will suspended for the whole/half day and the make-up class is scheduled as listed on the Course outline.
Students are recommended to attend the class according to the schedule.

For further details please refer to the admission package and stay tuned to the latest update on our Website( and facebook page (
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