Pavilion of Harmony

September 2009

Dubbed "the second most scenic spot in Hong Kong" by former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ambrose King, the Pavilion of Harmony can be found perched on high ground between two student hostels on the furthermost corner of the campus of New Asia College. It was built in commemoration of the founder of the College, Dr. Ch'ien Mu, who wrote the "Concept of the Union of Man and Nature". The pavilion, which commands an excellent view of Tolo Harbour and the Pat Sin Range beyond, also comprises a pond in its overall architecture. Viewed from a certain angle, reflections of Tolo Harbour and the sky on the pond water and the real scenery are joined as one, thus most aptly illustrating Dr. Ch'ien's concept. College Head, Prof. Henry Wong, has called the Pavilion of Harmony a fine example of "traditional Chinese garden with a modern touch", while the pavilion's designer, Prof. Freeman Chan, deemed it a piece of "soulful architecture".