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Contribution and Investment Performance 中文版本

There are two types of MPF Contributions: (i) those that are required by the MPFSO, which are referred to as Mandatory Contributions, and (ii) those in excess of the Mandatory Contributions, which are referred to as Voluntary Contributions.

  • Mandatory Contributions

  • Voluntary Contributions ― Employer

    • The Employer Voluntary Contributions will be equivalent to a certain percentage of Basic Salary as specified in the employment contract less the Employer Mandatory Contributions.  It will be suspended for a member during periods of unpaid or partly-paid leave (unless stipulated otherwise when such leave is approved) or when the member is adjudicated bankrupt.

        • Example: Basic Salary = HK$20,000; MPF Relevant Income = HK$25,000; with an Employer Contribution at a rate of 7%  as set out in the employment contract:
                 Employer Mandatory Contribution = HK$25,000 x 5% = HK$1,250
                 Employer Voluntary Contribution = HK$20,000 x 7% (=HK$1,400 - HK$1,250 = HK$150)
                 Total Employer Contributions = HK$1,250 + HK$150 = HK$1,400 (7% of Basic Salary)

  • Voluntary Contributions ― Employee

  • Investment Performance

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