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1. Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates, Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability

The Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong is dedicated to enhancing scholarship, education, research and knowledge transfer in various areas related to the environment and energy, with particular emphasis on issues in the Hong Kong and East Asian regions. IEES is looking for several Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates to participate in research projects on the impacts of climate change on atmospheric circulation, air pollution, food production and ecosystem services, with a focus on the implications for the environment and human health in the East Asian region during the coming decades. For more information and application submission, please see this poster.

2. Research Positions in Air Pollution, Climate and Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions

We are opening up one or more postdoctoral, senior and junior research assistant positions to work on air pollution, climate change, and climate-chemistry-biosphere interactions. The duration is initially one year, continuable upon discretion. For candidates with a Ph.D. degree, salary ranges from ~HK$20,000/month and up depending on qualification. We are particularly interested in candidates who can work on:

  • Impacts of ozone-CO2-vegetation interactions and plant responses to environmental stress on air quality and climate
  • Impacts of climate change and air pollution on agriculture and global food security
  • Impacts of sustainable farming methods (e.g., intercropping and no-till farming) on regional nitrogen cycle, air quality and climate
  • Impacts of climate, land use and ecosystem changes on global and East Asian air quality and climate
  • Impacts of East Asian dust deposition on ocean biogeochemistry and climate in the North Pacific
  • Related projects on climate-chemistry or land-atmosphere interactions from a modeling perspective relevant to the research group

Successful candidate is expected to work with the Community Earth System Model (CESM), GEOS-Chem chemical transport model and/or Terrestrial Ecosystem Model in R (TEMIR), and previous experience in atmospheric/climate/ecosystem modeling is preferable. Familiarity with at least one programming language (e.g. Fortran, Matlab, R) is necessary. To apply or for further info, please email and send along a cover letter and CV to Prof. Amos Tai. Recommendation letters will be requested upon discretion.

Opportunities > Graduate Studies

Postgraduate (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) Students in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

If you are interested in a post-graduate study in our research group, you should apply through the Graduate Division of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) under the Faculty of Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We offer research-oriented post-graduate programs at both M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels. For details of our program and application procedure, please visit here. Contact Prof. Amos Tai or EAS office directly if you have any questions or require more information.

Opportunities > Group Meetings

TGABI Group Meetings

If you're interested in learning more about what we do, you're more than welcome to join our research group meetings, which generally happen weekly. The most current schedule can be found online here. The password is the chemical formula of ammonium nitrate.

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