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Our Ten-Year Vision

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has advanced and excelled over the last four decades. Looking to the future, the University has ambitious plans to scale further heights of excellence. The University has formulated a Strategic Plan that articulates in concrete terms the University's aspirations and strategies for the coming decade. After some 20 forums and briefing sessions, we have a plan that brings the entire University together in a concerted effort to achieve key institutional goals.

What will The Chinese University look like in ten years' time? We see a world-famous comprehensive research university steeped in its bilingual and bicultural heritage, one that gives equal emphasis to teaching and research, and to both general and specialist education. It takes upon itself to promulgate Chinese culture and to achieve the synthesis of Chinese and western intellectual traditions. We see a university that attracts the best students and the top scholars from around the world, one that offers flexible degree structures and programmes of the best quality - not only in Hong Kong, but in the Asia-Pacific and internationally. Several academic areas will have attained exceptional distinction and world-class impact, bringing enormous benefits to humanity through landmark achievements in scholarship. These will include Chinese studies, biomedical sciences, information sciences, economics and finance, and geoinformation and earth sciences.

We also see many young faces from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds - some are non-local students here on scholarship, others are exchange students intent on experiencing a different culture. Together they contribute to the vitality and diversity of our campus, and add colour to the academic, cultural and social lives of local students.

The eagerly awaited four-year undergraduate curriculum will have been revived, providing ample room for all-round development. Our students will enjoy more opportunities for overseas exchange and internship, and will be more motivated to broaden their knowledge base, to cultivate their many talents, and to nurture a sense of responsibility to the community at large.

With more students, we see new constituent colleges appearing at the University. The Colleges - old and new - complement the efforts of the University to deliver whole-person education and pastoral care, thus sustaining the intimate interaction among faculty and students and reinforcing the sense of loyalty among our graduates.

Many new buildings and new facilities will have been constructed. Yet the campus remains lush, the greenery and serenity providing an ideal environment for scholarly pursuits.

This is our vision, and the Strategic Plan will guide our steps towards its realization. To fulfil our aspirations we need to invest approximately HK$10 billion. And to obtain these we shall redouble our fundraising efforts and to seek greater government support. The entire University is determined to scale new heights of excellence. Together we strive; together we shall succeed.

Lawrence J. Lau
Vice-Chancellor and President
  To Combine Tradition with Modernity, To Bring Together China and the West
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