1. Scholars Network
Launching a worldwide network for inviting eminent scholars and professors in Christian Studies to come to The Chinese University of Hong Kong to do research, teach and conduct public lectures.

2. University Education
To provide a diversity of programs and courses in the Divinity School of Chung Chi College so as to raise the awareness for research in Christianity in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

3. Academic Conferences
Coordinate conferences on the relationships between the major Christian traditions and other religions.

4. Journal Publication
Publish academic books and journals with the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture, (CSCCRC- a centre under the auspices of DSCCC) to publish Ching Feng (in English bi-annually).

5. Public Lectures
Conduct public lectures related to the research of Christianity, wherewith the Chuen King Lectureship as well as the Pommerenke Lectures on Christianity and Chinese Culture with DSCCC.