Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Dean's Remarks

Dean's Remarks

Welcome to the Faculty of Science Research Day 2020. Every year, the Faculty organises a Research Day where faculty members are gathered together to share ideas and experiences in promoting research and collaboration in the Faculty and CUHK. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the Faculty launches the premiere online Research Day this year with the theme of “Collaborative Research in the Faculty of Science and Beyond”.

CUHK is committed to encouraging faculty members to build research collaborations with the vision of advancing the frontiers of science and technology. The scientific breakthrough is enhanced by collaboration among individuals with diverse expertise but complementary perspectives. Collaborative research can maximise the synergistic effect from scholars with different expertise to overcome challenges in this fast-changing world and achieve the common goal of expanding scientific knowledge. Collaborative research has stoked the pace of research and stimulated the development of innovative and groundbreaking strategies in investigating increasingly complex and convoluted areas to generate greater research impact. We hope the Research Day 2020 can serve as a platform for researchers to exchange ideas from recent research advances and to encourage collaborative research across different disciplines.

Over the past seven years, the Faculty has successfully secured 13 CRF and 3 AoE projects. We are very pleased to have 6 distinguished speakers from different units this year, including Prof. Wei Yingying, Prof. Jerome Hui, Prof. Yang Hongfeng, Prof. Lu Xinhui, Prof. Eric Chung and Prof. Ngai To. They will share with us the highlights of their latest collaborative research projects across different disciplines to explore potential collaboration opportunities through this platform.

It is our hope that the Research Day will promote the discussion among faculty members for collaborative research and facilitate their application of future RGC Collaborative Research Fund (CRF).