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Western Art

Mindfulness Art – Mandala Drawing Workshop

Course No. : 221-420309-01|Start Date : 25/02/2022


MissTAEKUL Sudanee

Language Used

Cantonese and English

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Tsimshatsui Oriental Learning Centre

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19:00 - 22:00

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2209 0290

Course Description

Modern psychological research has confirmed that mindfulness and contemplation can improve mental health and relieve emotions. This workshop specializes in the basic training of meditation practice, accompanied by a mandala-themed workshop. With the introduction of mandala art as the theme feature, it helps students explore the development from Buddhist art to modern art. Understand the application and process of mandala. Based on basic meditation exercises, students use different media to create their own mandala. Learn the artistic elements such as the choice of colors and the shades of shades. In addition to learning meditation while continuing to focus on production, students will be able to experience positive energy and satisfaction on the other hand.

Those who are interested in exploring meditation and continue to focus on artistic concepts and knowledge are welcome to participate. The courses are conducted in the form of workshops (some workshops will be conducted in the form of English). Participants must wear comfortable clothes for class and bring their own basic supplies. It is suitable for those who like to meditate, relax in the form of art, or engage in self-exploration.


Ms Angela TAEKUL
Master in Communication Design (Central Saint Martin, University of Arts London, UK );
Master in Buddhist Study (HKU);
Master in Buddhist Counselling (HKU)