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The following job application forms may be printed for your use. Just click the relevant link to retrieve the form. Please read the Download Instructions.

For Professoriate / Teaching / Research Academic Posts 

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For Administrative and Professional Posts 

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 pdf bluepdf blue

For Research Posts  

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Application documents (ie. completed forms and copies of qualification documents) for the above posts (except research posts) should be forwarded to the Human Resources Office, 4/F, Mong Man Wai Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories or to the recruiting Department/Unit as indicated in the relevant advertisement before the closing date for applications (as applicable).

  1. MS Word format Click the Word link and the form will be saved in a file with .doc extension; open it in Chinese Microsoft Word 6.0* (or above version).
  2. PDF format Click the PDF link and the form can be retrieved and printed for use. The required PDF Reader can be obtained from ADOBE * The saved files can also be opened in English Microsoft Word 6.0 (or above version). The Chinese characters on the forms will be converted into symbols.

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