Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 7 Jan 1965

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN V O L U M E O N E ¡¤ J A N U A R Y 1 9 6 5 ¡¤ N U M B E R S E V E N C O N T E N T S Page A Responsibility to the Commun i ty 1 Degree/Diploma Board 2 Internal Examiners 2 New Office Space 3 The N i n t h Inaugural Address 4 Gowns, Caps and Hoods 4 College Registrars 4 Comings and Going s 5 A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUN I TY An Ex t r a -Mu r a l Studies Committee was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on Ma r ch 17, 1964 " to examine the possibility of instituting extra-mural activities for the Chinese University and to come up w i th a proposed workable programme". The Committee was chaired by M r . T . C. Cheng, President of Un i t ed College, and had the following persons as members: M r . S.K. Cheung Mr. T . C. L ai Mrs. Ellen S.P. L i , member of the University Council Prof. Ta n g Ch u n - I, New Asia College Mr. C.F. Teng, Chung Chi College Mr. N . H . Young , Un i t ed College (Member and Secretary) The Committee submitted its report to the Vice- Chancellor on July 14, 1964, proposing that a Depart- mem of Ex t r a -Mu r a l Studies be established as soon as possible and that a Board of Ex t r a -Mu r al Studies be formed ''to consider general policies and to act as an advisory body to Senate on extra-mural matters¡±. The following are excerpts f r om the report on some major points: On the Need: ''We are unanimous that universities as teaching institutions have a special responsibility for making available to all who can benefit f r om it such teaching as falls within their province. The Chinese University of Ho ng Ko ng must therefore bear such a responsibility and should make its own distinct con- tribution. Unless a university undertakes an academic responsibility towards those outside the regular student body the university would soon lose its public support. It follows that an Ex t r a -Mu r al Department in the Chinese University is essential in that it has special purposes to serve and needs to meet. The existence of two Ex t r a -Mu r al Departments, one in the University o f Hong Ko ng and one in the Chinese University of Ho ng Kong, not only provides more opportunities for cultural endeavours but also helps to bring about a situation of cooperation and partnership between these two universities, in which one enriches the other i n their complementary but by no means exclusive fields o f service.¡± On Scope and Depth: ¡° T h e Chinese University of Ho ng Ko ng is best suited to conduct extra-mural courses in Chinese history and culture¡¯ as well as courses in natural and social sciences in the medium of Chinese for the consumption of the general public, which is 99% Chinese. A new Department of Extra- Mu r a l Studies in the Chinese University w i ll give extra-mural education a new impetus and new direction in Ho ng K o n g . " On Financial Considerations: " Ap a rt f r om expenditure on central administration, the courses of an extra- mural department can be made generally self-sup- po r t i ng ." On the Approach: " Ex t r a -mu r al courses should be conducted in suc h a way as to provide opportunities for ma x i mum participation of students in class activities; for a wide range of individual differences to be recognized and accepte d £» for assessment of students by means other than traditional methods such as examinations £» for individual contributions to be fully utilized and directed to the benefit of the whole class; for both teachers and students to share experiences together in the learning situation £» and for acceptance