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香港中文大学 声明 十一月七日校长就职典礼开始前,有数位中大学生,联同十 多位非中大人士,在礼堂入口阻止校监、嘉宾及典礼行列进入会 场,破坏大会秩序。 按大学当日已容许该数名学生在面向礼堂入口的平台放置标 语、派发传单及表达意见。甚至当他们进入邵逸夫堂的外厅派传 单时,大学亦不予以禁止。再者,李校长上任前后,一直与校内 各学生团体及个别学生会面并交换意见,每次会谈时间长达数小 时。十一月五日凌晨零时左右,五名并不代表任何学生组织的学 生电传一封联署的邀请信约校长在典礼当日下午二时公开见面。 翌日,校长回应学生邀请,但无法安排典礼当日会面,故提出 在十一月九日星期六早上与学生公开见面。由于学生认爲时间不 理想,校长遂建议另定合适日期会面。然而该等学生在典礼当日 竟然联同十多位非中大人士破坏大会秩序,大学对这种行爲深表 遗憾。同时,大学诚意地向全体出席观礼人士致歉。 大学爲校内师生提供了一个自由开放的学术环境。不过,学 生在享受言论和学术自由的同时,也必须尊重他人的自由,以及 遵守校规。上述破坏秩序的行动,既剥夺了他人的自由,也损害 了大学师生和校友的声誉。大学绝对不能接受这种行爲。大学将 调查有关事件,深入硏究有关问题,并与学生加深了解,以求维 护大学自由开放与有理性有秩序的学术环境。 Th eChines e Universit y of Hon g Kon g A Statemen t At the Vice-Chancellor's Installation Ceremony on 7 November, several Chinese University students together with over 10 outsiders blocked the entrance to the auditorium of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall barring the Chancellor, the guests and the Procession from entering the auditorium. Their act seriously disrupted the order of the ceremony. That afternoon, these students had been allowed to display banners and sign boards, distribute leaflets and express their views in a conspicuous place opposite the entrance of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall. Later, when these students entered the foyer of the Hall to distribute leaflets, they had not been stopped. Both before and after his appointment as Vice-Chancellor, Professor Arthur K C L i has met with many student bodies and individual students to exchange views on many occasions, each lasting several hours. Around midnight on 5 November, five students who were not representatives of any student organisation jointly issued a letter and sent it to the Vice-Chancellor by fax, inviting him to meet the students at an open forum at 2:00 pm on the day of the Installation Ceremony. The Vice-Chancellor replied on the following day, that it was not possible for him to schedule such a meeting on the day of the ceremony but offered to attend an open forum on the morning of Saturday, 9 November. But these few students found that time "not ideal". So the Vice-Chancellor suggested that another meeting time be fixed. Then, on the day of the Installation Ceremony, these students together with over 10 outsiders disrupted the order of the ceremony. The University finds such behaviour most regrettable and wishes to make its apologies to all participants of the Installation Ceremony for any inconvenience and embarrassment caused. The University provides to its teachers and students an academic environment which is both liberal and open; but students should be mindful that academic freedom and freedom of speech can be preserved only i f they also respect the freedom of others. Their behaviour on campus should also comply with the University regulations. The aforesaid disruptive behaviour of the students not only infringed on other people's freedom, but also tarnished the reputation of the University, its teachers, students and alumni. The University finds such behaviour absolutely unacceptable. The University will investigate into the incident, thoroughly examine the issue and foster a better understanding with its students, to ensure that the University wi ll continue to be a liberal and open institution which will conduct its affairs in a rational and orderly manner.