Newsletter No. 268

CUHK-CAS Partnership in High-speed Connection and Research Collaboration A high-speed connectio n betwee n the CUHK Campu s Networ k an d the Chinese Scientifi c an d Technolog y Network (CSTNET ) o f th e Chines e Academy o f Sciences was launched o n 28th Octobe r alongside the opening of a Hong Kong mirror sit e of the Science Museums o f Chin a website . A t th e ceremony hel d i n Ch o Yi u Hall , th e University's Informatio n Technolog y Services Centr e (ITSC ) an d th e Computer Networ k Informatio n Centr e (CNIC) o f th e Chines e Academ y o f Sciences agree d o n a partnershi p t o promote researc h collaboratio n an d resources sharin g be twee n th e mainland an d Hon g Kong . The ceremon y wa s officiate d b y Prof. Kennet h Young , pro-vice - chancellor o f the University; Mr. Zhang Xinggen, director o f Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwa n Affair s Office , Chines e Academy o f Sciences ; Prof . Ya n Baoping (throug h video-conferencing) , director o f CNIC; and Dr . William Y.B . Chang, director , Beijin g Of f i ce , National Scienc e Foundation . Talk s were delivere d b y Prof . Yan Baoping , Prof. L i Jun, assistant director o f CNIC , Prof. Xia o Yun , assistant-to-directo r o f CNIC, Prof . Li n Hui , directo r o f th e Institute of Space and Earth Informatio n Science o f th e University , an d Prof . Tsou Jinyeu , actin g chairma n o f th e CUHK Departmen t o f Architecture . Managed b y CNIC , CSTNE T i s known fo r it s pioneerin g rol e i n th e mainland's Interne t industry . I t i s also the leadin g scientific researc h networ k on the mainland. This high speed direct link betwee n th e CUH K Campu s Network an d CSTNE T hav e remove d previous connectio n barriers , enablin g researchers t o communicat e d i r e c t ly w i t h ove r 1 00 research institute s o n th e m a i n l a n d . A c a d e m i c d i s c u s s i o n s, r e s e a r c h c o l l abo r a t i on s, real-tim e demonstrations, an d distanc e learning ca n no w tak e plac e i n a smoother v i deo - con f e r enc i n g env i r onment w i t h highe r imag e resolution, CUH K ha s als o bee n au t ho r i zed t o acces s th e on l i n e scientific databas e o f th e Chines e Academy o f Sciences which host s over 400 importan t databases , coverin g environmental studies , remot e satellit e imaging, hig h energ y nuclea r science , astronomy and marine life. It also makes the sharin g o f resource s i n scientifi c research a reality. The mirro r sit e o f th e Scienc e Museums of China website (http://kepu. wa s set up to promot e scientific knowledge . I t i s a web-based museum tha t aim s t o mak e scientifi c knowledge availabl e t o al l an d t o cultivate a scientifi c culture . Wit h contents provided b y the databases o f the Chinese Academy o f Sciences and other researc h institute s acros s th e country, th e museu m open s door s t o science learnin g for loca l primar y an d secondary students . WORLD EXPERT I N GENETICS VISIT S UNITE D COLLEGE P rof. Stanle y N . Cohen , Kwoh-Ting L i Professor of Genetics an d Professo r o f M e d i c i n e , S t a n f o r d University, visite d Unite d College i n earl y Novembe r as t h e c o l l e g e ' s f i r s t D i s t i n g u i s h ed V i s i t i n g Scholar 2005-06 . During hi s visit , Prof . Cohen delivere d tw o publi c lectures respectivel y o n ' Know l edge an d Fea r o f Knowledge: Dua l legacie s o f th e Ne w Genetics ' an d 'Discoverin g an d Inactivating Hos t Cell Gene s Exploite d b y Infectiou s Microbes' . He also shared hi s personal and academic experience s with CUHK staf f and student s at the nigh t talk organize d b y the Societ y of Biochemistry . Born i n 193 5 i n Ne w Jersey, Prof . Cohen receive d hi s doctoral degre e from th e Universit y o f Pennsylvani a Schoo l o f Medicine i n 1960 . This was followed b y postdoctoral training at the US National Institute s of Healt h an d research trainin g a t the Albert Einstei n Colleg e o f Medicine . H e joined th e faculty o f Stanfor d Universit y i n 1968 . Prof. Cohen' s curren t researc h interest s includ e elucidatio n o f mechanisms tha t gover n RN A deca y an d lea d t o change s i n RN A degradation durin g morphologica l an d biochemica l differentiatio n o f cells. H e i s a membe r o f th e U S Nationa l Academ y o f Science s an d a past chairma n o f it s Genetic s Section , a membe r o f th e Institut e o f Medicine o f th e Nationa l Academ y o f Sciences , an d a fellow o f th e American Academ y o f Arts and Sciences . H e i s also one o f the recipient s of th e firs t Sha w Priz e i n Lif e Scienc e an d Medicine . E-NEWSLETTER A BSTRACT Volume 2 No . 20 CUHK Researchers Honoured with Young Scientist Award Researchers fro m th e Department o f Physiology , Dr. Pett i Pang ( r i g ht 1, left) , and th e Departmen t o f Electronic Engineering , Dr . Liang Tak Keung ( r i g h t ), o f the Chinese Universit y wer e awarded the Young Scientist Awar d by the Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their respectiv e fields . Catholic Diocese Supports Establishment of Centre for Catholic Studies at CUHK The U n i v e r s i t y ha s received a generou s donation from the Catholic Diocese o f Hon g Kon g to set u p th e Centr e fo r Catholic Studie s a t it s Department o f Cultura l and Religious Studies. The Most Reverend Joseph Zen Ze-kiun (right), Bisho p o f Hong Kong, and Prof. Lawrence J. La u (left), vice-chancello r of CUHK, officiated at the centre's inauguration ceremon y on 3r d November . 1 No. 268 19t h November 2005 For details, please visit h t t p s / / w w w . c u h k . e d u . h k / e n e w s / .