Newsletter No. 277

China's Development Elucidated at CUHK-UN Seminar A c a d em i c s, g o v e r nme n t o f f i c i a l s , p o l i c y adv i se r s , representatives o f th e busines s communit y an d th e consula r corps fro m Hon g Kon g an d Maca u attende d th e seminar , 'Chin a Human Developmen t Report : Developmen t wit h Equity' , jointl y organized b y CUH K an d th e Unite d Nation s Developmen t Programme (UNDP ) o n 3r d April . Th e semina r wa s moderate d b y Prof. Lawrenc e J. Lau , vice-chancellor o f th e University . The semina r focuse d o n th e China Human Development Report 2005 wh i c h wa s commi s s i one d b y UND P China , coordinated b y the China Developmen t Researc h Foundation , an d written b y 1 3 eminen t scholar s an d expert s includin g on e fro m CUHK. Release d las t December , i t illuminate d th e huma n development statu s i n Chin a b y analyzin g th e country' s incom e and wealth distribution , employmen t opportunities , socia l security , and publi c expenditure . The background , contents , recommendations , an d globa l significance of the repor t were introduce d b y Mr. L u Mai, secretary - general, Chin a Developmen t Researc h Foundatio n an d senio r research fellow, Developmen t Researc h Centre of the State Counci l of the PRC ; Mr . Renau d Meyer , deput y residen t representativ e o f UNDP China ; an d Dr . Shahrbano u Tadjbakhsh , directo r o f th e Centre fo r Peac e and Huma n Security , Science s P o Paris . (From left) Prof. Lawrence Lau, Mr. Renaud Meyer, Mr. Lu Mai and Dr. Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh E - N E W S L E T T ER A B S T R A CT Volume 3 No . 4 Three CUH K Scholar s Awarde d Crouche r Senior Researc h Fellowshi p 2 0 0 6 - 0 7 Three researc h academic s fro m Th e Chines e University wer e presented the prestigious Senio r Research Fellowship s o f Th e Crouche r Foundation o n 28th March 2006 , i n recognitio n of thei r outstandin g achievement s i n th e international scientifi c community . The y wer e Prof. Hak-fu n Cho w (Chemistry , left) , Prof . Jie Huang (Automatio n an d Computer-Aide d Engineering, middle), an d Prof . Denni s Y.M. L o (Chemical Pathology , right) wh o wa s awarde d the Medical Researc h Fellowship. The awards were presented by Prof. Zhou Guangzhao, chairma n of the China Association fo r Scienc e and Technology . Prof. Josep h J.Y . Sun g Wins Cheun g Kon g Achievement Awar d Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (right), associate dea n o f th e Faculty of Medicine an d chairman of the Departmen t of Medicin e an d Therapeutics , wa s conferre d th e 2005 Cheun g Kon g Achievement Award , bein g the only Hon g Kon g schola r t o hav e wo n th e honour . The presentatio n o f the Cheung Kon g Achievemen t Awards and the appointment of Cheung Kong Scholars took plac e i n a ceremony hel d on 29th Marc h i n the Great Hal l o f th e Peopl e i n Beijing . Th e ceremon y was officiate d b y Che n Zhili , Stat e Councillo r an d Zhou Ji, Minister, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic o f China, gave an address. CUHK Teache r an d Studen t Name d 2005 Leade r o f th e Yea r Prof. Samuel Sun (left), professo r o f biology , and Ms. Yu Chui-yee, freshman i n the Department of Geography an d Resource Management of Chung Chi College, have been named 200 5 Leader s o f the Year b y the Singta o Group . Attending th e award s ceremon y o n 28t h Marc h a t th e Grand Hyat t were Donal d Tsang , Chief Executiv e o f the HKSAR, Rafae l Hui , Chie f Secretar y fo r Administration , Henry Tang , Financia l Secretary , an d Michae l Suen , Secretary fo r Housing , Plannin g and Lands . For details, please visit Wei Lun Lecture by Eminent Translation Scholar P rof. Mon a Baker , professo r o f translatio n studie s a t th e Universit y o f Manchester, delivere d a lecture entitle d 'Framin g Narrative s i n Translation ' in he r capacit y a s Wei Lu n Visiting Schola r t o th e University , o n 24t h Marc h i n the Mon g Ma n Wa i Building . The lectur e drew o n the eminently concret e notio n o f narrativ e and the notio n of framing, the latte r as developed particularl y i n the literatur e on social movements , to explore various ways i n which translators and interpreter s accentuate, undermin e or modify contested aspects of the narrative(s) encoded i n the source text or utterance . Prof. Bake r i s a world renowne d translatio n scholar . Sh e i s the vice-presiden t of the Internationa l Associatio n o f Translation an d Intercultura l Studies . Sh e was Projects Manage r a t Cobuil d wher e sh e wa s responsibl e fo r designin g a ne w range o f bilingua l dictionarie s base d o n th e translatio n o f existin g Cobuil d dictionaries. Prof. Bake r ha s als o mad e extraordinar y contribution s t o th e developmen t of translator training . He r book , In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, has been reprinte d 1 2 times sinc e 199 2 and i s widely use d as a standard textboo k in man y part s o f the world . Sh e was als o the edito r o f Translation and Conflict A Narrative Account, an d The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Translation Studies. Yale-China Association Hosts Reception for Chair of Board of Trustees and Executive Director A reception wa s hel d fo r Dr . Terril l E . Laut z (right 2) , chair , Boar d o f Trustees , and Dr . Nanc y E . Chapma n (left 2) , executiv e directo r o f th e Yale-Chin a Association, b y th e Yale-Chin a Associatio n o n 1 7th Marc h 200 6 a t Yun Ch i Hsie n of Ne w Asi a College . Ove r 7 0 friend s o f th e associatio n an d YUN A participant s attended th e reception , includin g Prof . Kennet h Young (right 1), pro-vice-chancello r of the University , Prof . Ching Pak-chung , hea d o f Shaw College , an d Prof . Henr y N . C. Won g (left 1), hea d of Ne w Asi a College . The receptio n bega n w i t h w e l c o m i n g remarks b y Mr . Mar k Sheldon, directo r o f th e Yale-China Association , f o l l o w e d b y t w o speeches b y Dr . Laut z a nd D r . C h a p m a n respectively t o than k the support o f friends o f the association . 1 No. 277 19t h April 200 6