Newsletter No. 281

Shenzhen Government and CUHK Sign Memorandum to Promote Shenzhen-Hong Kong Collaboration M r. Liu Yingli, executive vice-mayor of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, led a delegation of around 70 to visit The Chinese University of Hong Kong on 5th June 2006. The delegation includes Shenzhen officials responsible for industrial, trade, educational, technological, manpower and financial affairs, as well as representatives from the advanced technology sector, higher education sector, and enterprises. On behalf of the Shenzhen Government and CUHK respectively, Mr. Liu Yingli and Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, vice-chancellor of CUHK, signed a memorandum of cooperation to promote collaboration between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in education, science research, training of talents, and the establishment of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Zone. The contents of the memorandum include: · The Shenzhen Government and CUHK w i ll develop a close partnership in higher education to nurture undergraduate, master and doctoral students. · The Shenzhen Government will recommend talents in medicine, science, education, engineering, and business administration to attend professional training at CUHK. · The Shenzhen Government will provide CUHK with physical space and other facilitations to set up a permanent organization in the Shenzhen Virtual University Science Park. · CUHK will cooperate with Shenzhen's institutions of higher education, including mutual visits of teachers and student exchange. · The Shenzhen Government will promote CUHK's research in Shenzhen through technology transfer and encourage Shenzhen enterprises to collaborate with CUHK in research and development. · Shenzhen and CUHK will cooperate to take part in key technology research projects of the nation. They will share research facilities and resources. · A committee with members from both sides will be set up to coordinate and implement the relevant tasks. Prof. Lawrence Lau said, 'As a comprehensive research university in Hong Kong, CUHK has the best research facilities and professional talents. Being only a 20-miiiute drive from Shenzhen also gives us exceptional geographical advantage. We w i ll enhance collaboration with the Shenzhen Government to establish the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Zone and jointly contribute to the development of the nation.' On the same occasion, Mr. Liu Yingli (right ) delivered a lecture on 'The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Zone' while Prof, Lawrence Lau spoke on the 'Opportunities for Hong Kong-Shenzhen Coope r a t i on '. The y analysed how Shenzhen and Hong Kong can advance and mu t u a l ly bene f it t h r ough f u r t her cooperation. CUHK Announces Double-degree Initiatives (From left) Mr. Dennis Hie, professional consultant, Schoolof Law, Prof. Mike McConville, director, Schoolof Law, Prof. Raymond So, associate dean,Faculty of Business Administration, and Prof. Chan Sin Wai, acting chairman, Department of Translation, announcing the double-degree initiatives T he Chinese University of Hong Kong announced on 8th June several new double-degree options for students entering the University. The Faculty of Business Administration and the Department of Translation will join the new School of Law to offer a total of four double-degree options. Law students will have the opportunity to earn a four- year undergraduate degree in law and, after one additional year, a second undergraduate degree in either business or translation (the '4+1' model). Business and translation students wil l have the opportunity to complete a three-year undergraduate degree in business or translation, followed by a two-year graduate degree, the Juris Doctor (JD), in law (the '3+2' model). In either case, the first degree will be covered by the usual funding from the University Grants Committee, with four years of funding in the case of the 4+1 model and three years in the case of the 3+2 model. The double-degree options have been designed to give students maximum flexibility. Both models prepare students to qualify as practising lawyers while still leaving the door open to other career choices along the way. Students who decide not to pursue the second degree w i l l have the opportunity to gain a minor in the second subject, and students who need time to pursue other career options after completion o f the first degree will be allowed to defer the second degree for up to three years. Students will be held to the same standards and requirements for each degree in combination that they would have had to meet for the same degree independently. The Faculty of Business Administration will reserve 50 places for Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students to earn Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees. The Department of Translation will reserve another 15 places for LLB students to earn Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. The School of Law w i l l set aside five places in its highly competitive JD programme for double-degree students from the Department of Translation and, starting one year later, 15 places for double-degree students from the Faculty of Business Administration. Students who meet specified objective standards during the completion of their first degree are guaranteed eligibility for the JD programme. E-NEWSLETTER A BSTRACT Volume 3 No. 9 Ph.D. from CUHK Improves Tamiflu Supply and Production Cost Ph.D. chemistry graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Yeung Ying-yeung discovered a new organic synthesis that would substantially reduce the cost of production and improve the supply of Tamiflu. The discovery was made under the guidance of Prof. Elias James Corey, 1990 Nobel laureate in chemistry. Dr. Yeung is a post-doctoral fellow at Prof. Corey's laboratory at Harvard University. The breakthrough was reported in the influential Journal of American Chemical Society. 12 CUHK Mathematics Graduates Receive Full Scholarships to Further Studies at Top Overseas Universities Twelve undergraduate and graduate students of The Chinese University have received full fellowships/studentships from top universities in North America and Europe to further their studies. The institutions include Stanford University, Princeton University, U.C. Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of British Columbia and Tinbergen Institute in the Netherlands. Prof. Yau Shing- tung, Fields medalist and distinguished professor-at-large of the University attended the celebration held by the Department of Mathematics on 29th May. For details, please visit 中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter No. 281 19th June 2006 1