Newsletter No. 283

第二八三期 二零零六年九月十九日 No. 283 19th September 2006 1 第二八三期 二零零六年九月十九日 No. 283 19th September 2006 今年新生辅导营「四院会师显创意」增设拼图活动,由中大新生合力砌出「06CU」 字样,显示四院学生同心协力,开创校园生活文化。 Umbrellaed students from all four colleges form the figures ‘06 CU’ at the University Mall during the human jigsaw activity of the orientation camp for new students. 优秀学生云集中大 Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates 2006 本 年度新生入学典礼于九月一日举行,有二千多名本科新生出席,当中包 括非本地本科生及海外交换生。刘遵义校长在欢迎词中介绍了中大今后 的发展,包括成立两所新书院,为三改四后 学生人数增加作好准备。他亦提到今年中大 的收生成绩非常理想,学生来自世界各地, 并勉励学生珍惜学习机会。 T he Chinese University of Hong Kong held the Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates of the 2006 intake on 1st September 2006. Over 2,000 freshmen, including non-local undergraduates and overseas exchange students, attended the ceremony after several weeks of orientation programmes. The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, extended a warm welcome to the freshmen. He spoke on future development plans of the University in preparation for the change to a four-year curriculum and on the establishment of new colleges. He also reported on this year’s admission statistics, commending students on their outstanding achievements. 香 港中文大学「双语政策委员会」经年多的讨论和研究,完成报告书并于 本月七日发放予中大全体成员作谘询。委员会确认中大须维持其双语教 育传统,并在优化中大的双语政策时为两文三语定位。授课语言不限于课堂讲 课用语,应从多方面来理解,并应配合学科性质、专业需要,学生和教师的语 言习惯、能力和文化背景,以及实际运作,作灵活处理,以达到教学最佳效果 为目的和培养中英双语俱佳的中大毕业生。谘询期至十一月十五日结束,委员 会亦将安排论坛和座谈会,欢迎大学同人意见。双语政策委员会报告书谘询稿 载于 。 本刊亦访问了双语政策委员会主席金耀基教授,内容详见本期第六页。 T he Committee on Bilingualism, following over a year of thorough discussion and deliberation, completed its draft report and released it to all members of CUHK for consultation on 7th September. The Committee reaffirms that CUHK should maintain its tradition of bilingual education and enhance the bilingual policy of the University, and in that context, defines the roles of liangwen sanyu (‘two written languages and three spoken codes’). It recommends that the language of instruction should be determined taking into account the nature of the academic subject, professional requirements, and the language habits, competence and cultural backgrounds of the students and teachers concerned, and practical needs. The aim is to optimize the effectiveness of teaching and learning, allowing for flexibility, and to ensure that CUHK graduates have a very high level of proficiency in both languages. The consultation period will end on 15th November. The Committee is arranging forums and seminars to gather feedback from teachers, students and alumni. The report of the Committee is available on the website ( http://www. ). An interview with the Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Ambrose King, can be found on P.6 of this issue. 中大支持两文三语教育方针 提出优化双语教育环境政策 CUHK Upholds Liangwen Sanyu and Proposes to Enhance the Environment for Bilingual Education