Newsletter No. 284

第二八四期 二零零六年十月四日 No. 284 4th October 2006 1 第二八四期 二零零六年十月四日 No. 284 4th October 2006 二 零零六年邵逸夫天文学奖得主索尔 · 普密特教 授、亚当 · 利斯教授和布莱 · 施米兹教授于九月 十三日在逸夫书院主持讲座,题目为「Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe: Past, Present and Future」。 三位教授所率领的两组研究人员,发现宇宙的膨胀速度 在增加。虽然爱因斯坦早在刚创建广义相对论后即讨论 过此可能,但终认为那只是数学上的可能,与现实宇宙 无关。其后的宇宙学家完全同意他的看法,所以两组研 究人员于一九九八年的发现震惊整个科学界,并革新人 类对物理世界的了解,和对宇宙未来的预测。 二 零零五至零六年度员工优异服务奖」颁奖典 礼于九月十六日在利黄瑶璧楼举行,由刘 遵义校长 (中) 颁奖。九位得奖人分别为逸夫书院文美 萍女士 (左五) 、大学与学校伙伴协作中心周厚平先生 (左四) 、资讯科技服务处张少玲女士 (左三) 、新 闻与传播学院梁丽霞女士 (左二) 、社会工作学系陈 敏女士 (左一) 、保安组杨柱光先生 (右一) 、心 理学系温稚英女士 (右二) 、大学宾馆系统骆郁女士 (右三) 、资讯科技服务处钟淑霞女士 (右四) 。与会 者包括廖柏伟副校长 (左六) 等多位大学主管人员、得 奖者的亲友及同事,约共一百五十人。 员工培训及发展委员会主席许敬文教授 (右六) 和员工 优异服务奖遴选委员会主席刘忠明教授 (右五) 分别致 辞,赞扬得奖人由心而发的真诚服务,并展望透过汇聚 得奖人的宝贵经验,进一步推动校园优质服务文化。 随着员工优异服务奖踏入五周年,大会特别印制了一本 五周年特刊派赠与会来宾,以及校内各部门。该特刊结 集了五届得奖人的服务心得,以及他们对提升校园服务 质素的灼见。 N ine members of the University were presented the Exemplary Service Award 2005-06 by Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor ( middle ), on 16th September at a presentation ceremony held in the Esther Lee Building. The recipients were Ms. Man Mei Ping (Shaw College, left 5 ), Mr. ChowHau Ping 九位员工获优异服务奖 Nine Non-Teaching Staff Honoured for Exemplary Service 邵逸夫天文学奖得主讲座 Shaw Laureates in Astronomy 2006 Speak at CUHK (左起)副校长程伯中教授、 索尔 · 普密特教授、 亚当 · 利斯教授、 布莱 · 施米兹教授、 刘遵义校长和朱明中教授 From Left: Prof. Ching Pak Chung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Saul Perlmutter, Prof. Adam Riess, Prof. Brian Schmidt, Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor, and Prof. Chu Ming Chung (Centre for University and School Partnership, left 4 ), Ms. Cheung Siu Ling (Information Technology Services Centre, left 3 ), Miss Leung Lai Ha (School of Journalism and Communication, left 2 ), Miss Chan King Man (Department of Social Work, left 1 ), Mr. Yeung Chu Kwong (Security Unit, right 1 ), Ms. Wan Chi Ying (Department of Psychology, right 2 ), Ms. Lok Yuk (University Guest House System, right 3 ) and Ms. Chung Suk Ha (Information Technology Services Centre, right 4 ). About 150 guests including Prof. P.W. Liu, Pro-Vice-Chancellor ( left 6 ), senior management, staff, students, and family members of the awardees attended the ceremony. Prof. Michael Hui (chairman of the Staff Training and Development Committee, right 6 ) and Prof. Lau Chung-ming (chairman of the selection panel, right 5 ) commended the awardees for their sincere service and looked ahead to further enhance the University quality service culture through sharing of the awardees’ precious experiences. 「邵逸夫奖」成立于二零零二年,目的是表彰在学术及 科学研究或应用的突破成果,和该成果对人类生活产生 意义深远影响的科学家。该国际奖项是由邵逸夫基金会 有限公司管理及执行,基金会办事处设于香港。 P rof. Saul Perlmutter, Prof. Adam Riess and Prof. Brian Schmidt, the Shaw Laureates in Astronomy 2006, presented a lecture entitled ‘Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe: Past, Present and Future’ on 13th September 2006 at Shaw College. Prof. Perlmutter, Prof. Riess and Prof. Schmidt are jointly awarded the Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2006 in recognition of their leadership roles on two teams that made the remarkable discovery of the acceleration rate of the expansion of the universe, im- plying, in the simplest interpretation, that the energy density of space is non-vanishing even in the absence of any matter and radiation. The three professors described in the lecture how they used type Ia supernovae to uncover an accelerating universe, summarized the current state-of-the-art cosmological measurements, and predicted how supernovae may allow us to determine the nature of the dark energy which is currently pushing the universe apart at an ever increasing rate. Established in 2002, the Shaw Prize is an international award managed and administered by The Shaw Prize Foundation based in Hong Kong. The prize honours individuals who have achieved significant breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or application and whose work has resulted in a positive and profound impact on mankind. The Shaw Prize consists of three annual prizes: Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences. This is the third year that the prize has been awarded. 「 得 奖 人 服 务 心 得 Sharing by the awardees : . hk/esa