Newsletter No. 302

第 302 期 2007 年 9 月 4 日 No. 302 4 September 2007 1 第三零二期 二零零七年九月四日 No. 302 4 September 2007 中大法学士课程广受欢迎 CUHK’s LLB Programme Proves Favourite Choice of Potential Lawyers 耳鼻咽喉─头颈外科学系成立 CUHK Launches Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery 中 大在8月1日正式成立「耳鼻咽喉─头颈外科学 系」。该系位于威尔斯亲王医院,除了为医管 局辖下的新界东和九龙东联网提供服务外,日后还会 加强对人工耳蜗以及华语和其他亚洲声调语言的研究。 系主任尹怀信教授说:「新学系将承接过往中大外科 学系耳鼻喉科自1985年以来,各位医护人员、教授和 科研人员所建立的种种成就,继往开来。国际及中国 大陆均视耳鼻喉为独立的医学专科和学术范畴,新学 系的成立,正好顺应这个趋势。」 尹教授说:「本学系为患有不同听力障碍人士提供一 站式全面服务,这无论在香港以至亚洲都是创先河 的,我为此感到十分高兴。」 from the department’s comprehensive research into speech recognition and coding in Chinese and other Asian tone languages. Prof. Andrew van Hasselt, chairman of the department, said, ‘The new arrangements will build on the very significant achievements since 1985 of the dedicated clinicians, teachers and researchers who have served the Division of Otorhinolaryngology within the university’s Department of Surgery. This transition places us firmly in line with the international and mainland China classification of ENT as an independentmedical specialty and an established academic discipline.’ ‘I am particularly excited by the fact that we are the first single unit in Hong Kong and Asia that is able to offer a full one-stop service for people with a great variety of hearing disorders,’ added Prof. van Hasselt. The department’s Prof. Michael C.F. Tong said, ‘Our outstanding track record of research will continue, and we can now take even greater strides in head and neck cancer, including the nasopharyngeal cancers so highly prevalent in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Southern China. We shall also advance in such rapidly developing areas as surgical treatments for deafness in adults and children, minimal invasive ENT surgery, Asian facial plastic techniques and ENT problems in children.’ The newly constituted department expects to be working even more closely with charities to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children and elderly people in Hong Kong and mainland China who have hearing and speech communication disorders. choice. The number is the highest among similar programmes offered by local institutions. Prof. Mike McConville, director of the School of Law, said that the applications for its LLB programme this year soared by 30% from last year with 1,073 persons applying through the JUPAS and non-JUPAS schemes. Among the 65 students admitted to the programme this year were one top achiever with 3As in the HKALE and one top scorer with 9As in the HKCEE. The number of the applicants for its postgraduate programmes also rose to 1,237 this year, a promising 30% increase from last year. Most of these applicants are highly- educated with one or more postgraduate degrees in other disciplines. 学系教授唐志辉说:「我们会向头颈肿瘤方面的研究 迈进,包括在香港和华南地区病发率高的鼻咽癌, 亦会深化一些发展迅速的范畴,如治疗成人和儿童听 障、耳鼻喉微创手术、亚洲面部整形技术及小儿耳鼻 喉科。」 该系还会和其他慈善机构更紧密地合作,提升香港和 内地贫困地区有听力及言语障碍者的生活素质。 O n 1 August 2007, CUHK formally constituted an independent Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. Centred at the Prince of Wales Hospital, the department will extend its thoroughgoing cochlear implant programme, which will also benefit 今 年第二年招生的中大法律课程,开办只有短短一年,已成为最受 高考生欢迎的法律学课程。参加今年大学联招的学生中,共有81 人以中大法律学课程为首志愿,为同类课程之冠。 法律学院主任麦高伟教授表示,今年共有1,073名学生经联招及非联招的 方法报读中大法律学士,较去年增加近三成。该课程的学额也由去年的 50个增至65个。至于收生成绩方面,全部学生会考及高考中英文科及其 他科目成绩均达C级或以上,在录取的65名新生中,有一位高考3A高材生 及会考9A尖子,另有七名来自美国、韩国及中国大陆等地的非本地生。 研究院课程方面,报读人数由去年905人上升至1,237人,升幅高达三 成。申请人普遍学历极高,不少人已拥有一个或多个博士、硕士学位。 T he Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme offered by the CUHK School of Law proved to be the most popular LLB programme among would-be university students. This year, 81 Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) applicants put the LLB programme of CUHK as their first