Newsletter No. 304

第 304 期 2007 年10月 4 日 No. 304 4 October 2007 第三零四期 二零零七年十月四日 No. 304 4 October 2007 李嘉诚健康科学研究所揭幕 Opening of Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences 李 嘉诚基金会捐资港币一亿元成立的中大李 嘉诚健康科学研究所,在9月7日举行揭幕 仪式,李博士亲临主持。出席嘉宾还有中大校董会 主席郑维健博士、校长刘遵义教授、医学院院长霍 泰辉教授、所长卢煜明教授,以及医管局主席胡定 旭先生、行政总裁苏利民先生。 李嘉诚博士在致词时引用十九世纪科学家巴斯德的 比喻:「物理学家和化学家如果没有实验室,就如 同战场上的士兵没有武器。」他深信,以研究所拥 有的科研精英和创意发明,一定能不断提升对付各 种疾病的疗法。李博士还希望医护人员除了运用专 业知识外,还要以关怀心和同理心去感受和理解病 人。他说:「我希望大家视同理心不仅为一种切身 的关怀,不仅是一种感受,更是发自内心的天职及 责任,这样才可掌握对方的 观点及感受,并且力求作 出适切的行动。」 邵逸夫奖得主讲座 Shaw Laureate Speaks at CUHK 2 007年邵逸夫生命科学与医学奖得主 尼科威教授,于9月13日在逸夫书院 以「七次穿膜受体」为题演讲。 尼科威教授获颁邵逸夫奖以表彰他多年 来对GPCR(G-蛋白质偶联接受体)研 究的贡献。他的关键研究为寻找有效的 药品提供了极重要的新思路。 邵逸夫奖成立于2002年,目的在表彰在 学术及科学研究或应用获得突破成果, 从而对人类生活产生深远影响的科学 家。这个国际性奖项分设天文学奖、生 命科学与医学奖及数学科学奖。今年为 第四届颁发。 P rof. Robert J. Lefkowitz, Shaw Laureate in Life Science and Medicine 2007, gave a lecture entitled ‘Seven Transmembrane Receptors’ on 13 September at Shaw College. Prof. Lefkowitz was awarded the prize for his relentless elucidation of the major receptor system that mediates the response of cells and organs to drugs and hormones. Established in 2002, the Shaw Prize honours individuals who have achieved significant breakthrough in academic and scientific research or application, and whose work has brought about a positive and profound impact on mankind. This international award consists of three annual prizes: astronomy, life science and medicine, and mathematical sciences. This is the fourth year that the prize has been awarded. be more aware of others ─ of their perspective ─ and we will strive to do what is appropriate and right.’ Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, thanked Dr. Li for his support of CUHK’s clinical and health science research, ‘This donation affirms the achievements of our medical team and injects tremendous momentum into their research efforts.’ The Li Ka Shing Foundation also announced an additional grant of HK$20 million to establish a second Li Ka Shing Professorship. Prof. Chan Hsiao-chang, professor of physiology and director of Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre at CUHK, has been nominated for this new professorship. 刘遵义校长与李嘉诚博士在研究所揭幕礼上互相道贺 Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, and Dr. Li Ka-shing congratulate each other at the unveiling ceremony 刘校长感谢李博士及其基金会对医学院 的支持:「这些捐款充分肯定了中大教 研人员的成就,并且为我们的医学研究 工作注入莫大的动力。」 除了资助研究所的成立外,李嘉诚基 金会还再捐助二千万元成立第二个 「李嘉诚讲座教授席」,获提名的是中 大生理学讲座教授兼上皮细胞生物学研 究中心主任陈小章教授。 S et up with a HK$100 million donation by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences at CUHK was unveiled on 7 September by Dr. Li Ka-shing. Also attending the ceremony were Dr. Edgar Cheng, CUHKCouncil Chairman; Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Prof. Fok Tai-fai, dean of medicine; Prof. Dennis Lo, director of the institute; Mr. Anthony Wu, J.P., chairman of the Hospital Authority; and Mr. Shane Solomon, chief executive of the Hospital Authority. Quoting Louis Pasteur, a world-renowned French scientist in the 19th century, Dr. Li said, ‘Physicists and chemists without laboratories are like soldiers without arms on the battlefield.’ He believed this institute will play a role in advancing effective treatment for challenging illnesses. It is his conviction that saving lives requires knowledge and empathy for those who are ill. He added, ‘It is my hope that we see compassion as something beyond feeling ─ that we see it coupled with a sense of duty to each other. In this way, we will