Newsletter No. 320

第 320 期 2008 年 6 月 19 日 No. 320 19 June 2008 第三二零期 二零零八年六月十九日 No. 320 19 June 2008 领 袖培育课程(LDP)创办于2001年,是中文大 学一个栽培明日领袖的创新课程,由大学通识 教育部的领袖培育组策划推行,全面而系统化地培育 学生成为未来的政治、经济和社会领袖,可说是本港 大学首项自觉的尝试。正如课程主任张灿辉教授说: 「我们相信,要成为真正的领袖,不能一蹴而就,而 是需要透过经验的累积和才能的发展。」 该课程胜在能提供大量体验和机会,发展学生的领导 潜能,加强他们的公民教育和道德与审美教育。两年 的修业期绝不轻松,学生必须在本科课程外加修二十 多个学分。过来人张敬勤对正考虑报名的同学有这样 的忠告:「关键在于要知道自己在追求什么,而且, 目光要长远。工作量是繁重的,有好几星期,我每晚 都要深夜十一时后才回家。但这是一生难得的经验, 肯定会令你终身受惠。」 课程每年名额三十个,理想是罗致热衷于发展领导潜 能的一年级本科生。 aesthetic education. Yet, embarking on the programme is definitely no walk in the park. Students have to commit to the programme for two years and add a 20- plus credit load to their already hectic study schedule with their existing undergraduate studies. Eddie Cheung, an alumnus of the programme, has this to say to students who are thinking of applying for the programme. ‘The key thing is to know what you are pursuing and take a long-term view of the programme. It does have a heavy workload and there were some weeks where I didn’t get home until 11 pm every day. But it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it certainly does pay off in the future.’ The programme admits 30 students each year and expects applications from first-year undergraduate students who are keen on developing their leadership potential. 领袖培育委员会主席、副校长郑振耀教授 说∶「领袖培育课程选拔有志提升自己的学 生,提供架构健全、均衡综合的平台,让他们 透过非传统的课程,修养全面的领导知识、技 能与态度,成为称职的全球公民,怀抱跨文化 的识见、领悟,以及对人类的关怀。」 ‘The Leadership Development Programme provides a soft comprehensive platform that is structured and balanced for selected interested students to cultivate their full range of leadership knowledge, skills and attitude, in order to enable them to become competent global citizens with cross-cultural understanding, appreciation and compassion for humankind.’ ─Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and chairman, Committee on Leadership Development L earning to L ead 创新课程培育明日领袖 Innovative Programme Nurtures Leaders of Tomorrow 领导之道 E stablished in 2001, the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is an innovative programme offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong that is aimed at developing and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Administered by the Leadership Development Section of the Office of University General Education, LDP was the first conscious attempt among Hong Kong’s universities to offer a comprehensive and systematic programme aimed at cultivating students to be future political, economic and community leaders. As the programme director Prof. Cheung Chan-fai says, ‘We believe that a true leader does not become a leader in one day. The competence to lead comes from accumulating experiences and developing capabilities.’ Indeed, the strength of the curriculum is the provision of countless experiences and numerous opportunities for students to develop themselves in such areas as leadership potential, civic education, and ethical and 张灿辉教授(中排左四)、高桌晚宴嘉宾车文郁先生(左五)、郑振耀教授(左六)与领袖培育课程的导师及学生 Prof. Cheung Chan-fai (4th left, 2nd row), Mr. Raphael Che (5th left), guest speaker of the high table dinner, Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng (6th left), LDP mentors and tutors, and participants (续下页 To be continued ) 海外交流 An Overseas Trip 参观本地展览 Visiting Local Exhibitions 品酒 Wine-tasting