Newsletter No. 327

No. 327, 19.11.2008 第三二七期 二零零八年十一月十九日 No. 327 19 November 2008 Dear All, How time flies! I have been in Copenhagen for over three months now but things are still very exciting and fresh. I arrived in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and a centre of business and science, in mid-August. My programme in global business studies is a collaboration between CUHK, Copenhagen Business School, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the US. Each year, the schools admit 15 students each, and all 45 students will study together as one cohort in three locations for a term: Denmark (Term 1, Year 2), Hong Kong (Term 2, Year 2), and Chapel Hill (Term 1, Year 3). That way, we can deepen our understanding of three cultures, particularly in relation to human resources systems and business operations. We can also benefit from learning with foreign students. Though I had never met my 30 Danish and American GLOBEmates before coming here, I found their faces warm and familiar. Sharing a passion for this programme enabled us to bond very quickly, and we all look forward to an adventure-filled year ahead, studying on three different continents and travelling the world to visit prestigious international business enterprises in cities like Berlin, Brussels and Washington, D.C. Classes began after two introductory weeks packed with fun activities. I notice that students here are very motivated and active in class. They are eager to ask intelligent questions and discuss with one another. We have already done a few case presentations and working with them has been very intellectually stimulating indeed. They are not only achievers in the classroom. In fact I would say they epitomize those who ‘work hard and play hard’. I have seized every opportunity to tour in Europe, especially the Nordic countries. Within this short period of time, I have already set foot on the land of the Vikings─Norway. The fjordlands are truly awe-inspiring. Looking at the breath-taking view from the mountain top of Geiranger and tasting delicious Norwegian wild salmon are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Looking back at my first year at the Chinese University, I still appreciate the way our classroom learning has been reinforced by the study trips to South Korea and Singapore. I am particularly indebted to Prof. Gordon W.H. Cheung, director of the GLOBE programme, who mentored us throughout the year. He spent time talking to us and saw to it that we were well taken care of. I am also thankful to the lecturers and professors not only for the knowledge they imparted but for the guidance they offered in various aspects. Mr. John H.W. Lai who taught ‘Principles of Management’ impressed me the most. He shared with us his extensive practical experience in hotel business and played games with us to illustrate various theories. He also welcomed questions after class. I look forward to sharing more of my experience with you when I come back! Warm regards, 果真是光阴似箭!转眼间来到哥本哈根已三个多月了,但对 所有事物仍感到十分新鲜。 我在8月中抵达哥本哈根,此城不仅是丹麦的首都,也是工 商和科研重镇。我修读的环球商业学由中大、哥本哈根商学 院和美国北卡罗来纳州大学合办,各招收十五名学生,全数 四十五人会轮流在每所参与院校一起上课一个学期,分别 于第二年上学期去丹麦,下学期到香港,第三年飞去美国。 这样既可深入了解欧美亚的文化和人力资源制度,又能与外 国同学交流,扩阔视野。 首次看到三十位美国和丹麦同学,感觉既陌生又亲切。由于 大家都热爱这个课程,所以很快便打成一片。接下来我们会 一起在这儿、美国和香港上课,又会到柏林、布鲁塞尔、华 盛顿等地参观国际企业;大家对未来都充满期盼。 经过两周乐趣盎然的迎新活动后,学期正式开始。美国 和丹麦同学十分主动积极参与课堂讨论,每每提出睿 智的问题,课后仍继续讨论。上课才没多久,我与他们已 合作完成了数次个案发表,从中得到不少启迪。可不要 以为他们只管学习,为人乏味,读书和玩乐,他们同样认 真投入。而我则会秉承双亲取名的意思,凡事力「臻」完 「善」。 难得身处欧洲,我会抓紧每个学习机会,特别是北欧的学 习团。我已经踏足了维京人的土地,欣赏了挪威峡湾和盖朗 厄尔山顶下望教人赞叹的景色,还有亲尝美味无穷的野生 鲑鱼,这些都是人生难得的经验! 回顾中大一年级的生活,我感谢课程安排了南韩和新加坡 交流团,强化我们对企业的认识。老师们的关顾亦无微不 至,像课程主任张伟雄教授便不时约见我们,以了解我们的 需要或问题。又如教授「管理原理」的赖汉荣博士,在酒店 业工作多年,实战经验丰富,上课时总是因应我们的反应作 调整,又就讲题设计游戏,令课堂充满趣味。对于课后的提 问,更不厌其烦逐一解答。 身在彼邦,我正期待更多学习和扩阔视野的机会。 石臻善 哥本哈根的来信 A Letter from Copenhagen 环球商业学二年级生石臻善佳绩一览 Past achievements of Miss Shek Chun-sin Junes ( Year 2, Global Business Studies ) 中学会考尽取10A 10As in the HKCEE 循中六生优先录取计划入读中大 Admitted to CUHK via Early Admission Scheme 获崇基学院优先录取计划博宏奖学金 Chung Chi Grand Scholarship for Distinguished EAS Students 一年级平均积点为满分4.0 GPA 4.0 in Year 1 名登工商管理学院院长荣誉录 Dean’s List (Faculty of Business Administration) 「2008年财务策划师大奖」大学生组比赛冠军 Champion of SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards 2008 (university student category) 获选为工商管理学院院花 Elected Miss BA 短跑和跳远选手,曾于中学校际四乘一百米赛中获奖 Award-winning dash and long-jump athlete 《圣经》和散文朗读公开比赛冠军 Champion of Bible and prose reading competitions 擅长爵士和hip-hop舞 Jazz and hip-hop dancer · · · · · · · · · ·