Newsletter No. 340

No. 340, 19.6.2009 第三四零期 二零零九年六月十九日 No. 340 19 June 2009 (续下页 To be continued ) 九 位杏坛楷模分享他们教学的成功秘诀时,均认为 除了教授知识外,更重要的是培养学生好奇探知 的心,让他们自己探索,寻找答案,引发他们发掘人生的其 他学问,终身受益。就如得奖者之一Prof. Swati Jhaveri所 说:「教学之要义不仅在于灌输知识,亦在于培育真心求 知的兴趣。」至于教学最具挑战性之处,他们异口同声认 为是照顾学生的学习差异。 T he nine recipients shared their keys to teaching success. They think that apart from teaching knowledge, the most important task of a teacher is to cultivate a sense of curiosity in students. It is essential for a good teacher to let students explore for themselves and find answers through their own efforts. In this way students will develop interest in different disciplines of knowledge and become lifelong learners. Just as what Prof. Swati Jhaveri, one of the awardees, said, ‘Teaching is not just about developing knowledge but also about helping develop a real interest in knowledge.’ When talking about the challenges of teaching, they agreed that the difficulty is to tackle the difference in the pace of learning among students. A total of 23 teachers and postgraduate students were presented the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award, the Young Researcher Award and the Postgraduate Research Output Award by Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of the University on 1 June. The recipients had been subjected to a stringent process of review and assessment. They were some of the most respected teachers on campus, the most rigorous researchers in their fields, and the most accomplished postgraduates. The Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award has been offered since 1999, and the nine recipients this year take the total to 73 outstanding educators. The Young Researcher Award was first presented in 2003, and the eight new awardees increase the elite group of recipients to 39. The Postgraduate Research Output Award (previously Award for the Best Research Output by Research Postgraduate Students) has been presented to a total of 37 students. 校长模范教学奖 Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2008 师生教研出色获表扬 Honoured with Exemplary Teaching and Research Awards 刘校长(左五)颁奖予九位模范教师,左起:文学院哲学系郑宗义教授、工商管理学院市场学系邝玉仪教授、教育学院教育心理学系郑佩芸 教授、工程学院机械与自动化工程学系王昌凌教授、法律学院 Prof. Swati Jhaveri、医学院矫形外科及创伤学系古明达教授、理学院生物 化学系梁国南教授、社会科学院心理学系梁永亮教授、政治与行政学系周保松教授 Professor Lau (5th left) presenting the awards to (from left) Prof. Cheng Chung-yi (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts), Prof. Jessica Y.Y. Kwong (Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration), Prof. Cheng Pui-wan (Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education), Prof. Charlie C.L. Wang (Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Swati Jhaveri (Faculty of Law), Prof. Shekhar Madhukar Kumta (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Leung Kwok-nam (Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science), Prof. Leung Wing-leung Patrick (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science), Prof. Chow Po-chung (Department of Government and Public Administration) 香 港中文大学于6月1日颁发「校长模范教学奖」、 「青年学者研究成就奖」,以及「研究生学术成 果奖」,表扬二十三名师生。得奖人均经过严格甄选,计 有春风化雨的师长、出类拔萃的研究人员和头角峥嵘的 研究生。典礼由刘遵义校长主持。 校长模范教学奖自1999年起颁发,连同本届九位得主, 共表扬了七十三位教师;青年学者研究成就奖于2003年 设立,迄今共有三十九名研究人员获奖;另获研究生学术 成果奖(前称研究生最佳研究成绩奖)者已达三十七人。