Newsletter No. 343

No. 343, 19.9.2009 1 第三四三期 二零零九年九月十九日 No. 343 19 September 2009 同迎缤纷校园生活 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及投稿方法载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . 经 过多月的漫长暑假,中大校 园又逐渐热闹起来,8月上 旬起,不时有参加各类迎新营的学 生,身穿营衣、一脸好奇的在校园 穿梭。9月7日为新生入学典礼,约 有千五名新生出席,标志大学生 活的开始。当天刘遵义校长亲授治 学待人的秘笈,提醒学生治学要勇 于向人请益、谦逊、有怀疑精神、 并懂得取舍,认清事情的缓急轻 重,而在待人方面,则要真诚、宽 容和公正。 由8月上旬起,大学举办了各类迎新 活动、讲座、营会予不同的学生, 先有院系会迎新营(俗称细O),8月 底为书院新生辅导营(俗称大O), 另8月底至9月初有专为内地生及 海外生而设的迎新活动,让「新鲜 人」先作开课前热身,熟习环境, 认识朋友。 8 月 2 8 日 的 林 荫 大 道,骄 阳 如 炙,逾 千 六 名 学 生 浑 汗 如 雨,但仍 振 臂高叫「崇 基!」、 「新亚!」、「联合!」、「逸夫!」, 叫声此起彼落,不绝于耳。当天为 「大O」营会的高潮,四书院学生按 传统举行「四院会师」,高叫口号, 情绪高涨,不断为自己书院摇旗呐喊 打气,叫声夹杂锣鼓声、喧哗声、 欢笑声,响彻云霄,气氛炽热;及后 学生又合力砌出「中大」两个中文字 的图案,象征他们虽来自不同书院, 却团结一心建立中大精神。 「大O」营会在8月26至29日举行, 因源于中大独有的书院制,故仅见 于中大。营会由各书院学生会设 计,让学生更认识所属书院,培养 归属感。 大学又为内地本科生筹办了为期 十三天的迎新营,约有二百六十名 学生参加;而陪伴子女来港开学的 家长,营会也有一环节安排他们游 览校园,欣赏这优美的学习环境。 至于为海外生而设的迎新活动,约 有四十人出席,活动内容包括介 绍中大的讲座,并安排他们游览 景点,以及举行分享会,让新旧 海外生济济一堂,分享中大读书的 经验。 On 28 August, a festive mood pervaded the campus as over 1,600 students flocked to the University Mall. Though sweating under the burning sun, they chanted ‘CC’, ‘NA’, ‘UC’, ‘Shaw’ in high spirits in support of their affiliated Colleges. This was the traditional ‘slogan chanting activity’ at which new students gathered and chanted slogans for their Colleges. Afterwards they came together to form the characters for the words ‘Chinese University’, symbolizing solidarity in the building of the CUHK spirit. Held from 26 to 29 August, the Big O’Camp is the only one of its kind among local universities as CUHK is the only institution with a college system. The camp was organized by the College student unions with the aim of developing in students a sense of belonging to their Colleges. A 13-day orientation camp held for new mainland students attracted over 260 participants. Some of the parents took part in the campus tour specially arranged for them. About 40 international students joined the CUHK orientation. Various activities including talks, sight-seeing tours, sharing with current non-local students were offered to these freshmen to let them learn more about life and studies at CUHK and in Hong Kong. A Wonderful Campus Life A fter a long summer vacation, the sleepy campus became active again. Cheerful and curious faces can be found everywhere since early August. The inauguration ceremony for freshmen held on 7 September denoted the start of a new chapter in life for the students. Nearly 1,500 freshmen were in attendance. In his welcoming speech, Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, CUHK Vice-Chancellor, encouraged them to maintain an open mind and to be humble, skeptical, and to set priorities and be selective. When talking about how to treat others, he urged them to be honest, tolerant and fair. Armed with such useful advice, the students should be well-prepared for university life. Starting from early August, a series of orientation camps, talks and activities were held for freshmen. The earliest was the Faculty/Departmental Orientation Camp (aka Small O’Camp), followed by the College Orientation Camp (aka Big O’Camp). There were also orientations for mainland and international students from late August to early September. All these aim at familiarizing freshmen with CUHK and encouraging them to make new friends.