Newsletter No. 344

No. 344, 4.10.2009 第三四四期 二零零九年十月四日 No. 344 4 October 2009 为虚拟酒店把脉 中大生扬威国际 CUHK Students Shine in International Competition Four Year 2 students, Steven Chan, Janie Fung, Thomas Lai and Katie Sham, defeated seven regional champions from the UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka, India, mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore to win the Global Final of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Global Business Challenge held in August. The participating teams were asked to serve as consultants for the Board of Directors of Solberri, an imaginary resort, and to offer solutions to the problems observed at both the strategic and operational levels. They were also required to present their business case in front of an international judging panel of prestigious experts. The team impressed the panel by putting forward feasible and professional proposals to restructure the company’s business portfolio, introducing new marketing package and channels, as well as strengthening the company’s service-oriented human resources training. The judging panel commended that they defined and organized the problems accurately and answered them logically and sensibly. The team members said that they conducted a lot of research and read reports regarding the ways managerial accountants work so as to acquaint themselves with the format, approaches and rationale employed in managerial cases. They also familiarized themselves with the hotel industry by reading market reports and analyses which gave them insights into the trends of the industry. ‘The knowledge we acquired throughout the year in GBS helped us significantly. We learned to be market- oriented, which means understanding target customers and providing them with what they value, instead of hard-selling something the company would like to offer,’ they said. 学生心声 What the students have to say... 陈彦丰 Steven Chan 「与来自七个国家的学生交流,实在比选 修大学任何科目收获更多。而是次比赛 评判团来自不同行业,他们的意见正反 映真实商界中的要求,为比赛添上另一份 意义。」 ‘Interacting with students from seven other regions offered me much more than taking university courses would have. But it was the judges who made this competition most remarkable. Being practitioners in different business fields, they made the best possible audience with their useful feedback and comments from the “real” business world.’ 黎俊生 Thomas Lai 「由收到题目的一刻开始,我们就不断 的设计商业策略、计算财务状况、剪接影 音材料、练习报告流程,从而不断检视 我们的建议,无论是知识和技巧,都获 益良多。」 ‘Starting from the moment we received the case materials, we watched as our product improved through our business strategy design, financial calculations, audio-visual aid editing, and countless presentation practices. The process also enhanced our knowledge and skills.’ 冯思哲 Janie Fung 「记得为要搜集资料及分析,我们同渡 过不知多少个疲惫不堪的夜晚,犹幸有 队友的支持及鼓励,重燃我的热诚。渐 渐地,我们团队建立了合作默契,我相信 这是致胜的一个主要原因。」 ‘Throughout the exhausting nights of research and analysis, it was my teammates’ passion that encouraged me to continue. In the course of this, our team developed a rapport, which I believe was the main reason for our victory.’ 岑纪汶 Katie Sham 「我在这六个月尝试了很多『第一次』: 代表香港参加国际赛事、在行政总裁面 前阐述建议、与七个来自不同地方的学 子交流,这些点点滴滴,很难以说话形 容,但将会长留在我心。」 ‘In these six months, I encountered many “firsts” in my life. It was my first time to represent Hong Kong in an international competition, to present in front of CEOs, and to network with elites from seven corners of the globe. It is impossible to describe my experience in black and white, but it will stay in my heart forever.’ 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及投稿方法载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at 地 中海一个渡假酒店集团Solberri,曾执业界牛耳, 近年业绩却每况愈下,有甚么策略可令集团挽回颓 势?这些通常是企业顾问要面对的问题,在一个国际比赛 中,要由四名中大环球商业学学生解决。初生之犊,如何 为集团把脉? 四位二年级的学生─陈彦丰、冯思哲、黎俊生及岑纪汶, 于8月在英国特许管理会计师公会举办的商业精英国际 挑战赛中击败七支来自英国、爱尔兰、斯里兰卡、印度、中 国、马来西亚及新加坡的对手,夺得世界冠军殊荣。 各参赛队伍须扮演董事局顾问,为大会虚构的Solberri集 团提出有效的策略和执行方案,以解决集团面对的问题, 并向专业评审团发表报告, 中大队伍周密地分析个案,提出多项可行的建议,包括重 组集团的投资组合、引进新的市场策略和营销渠道,以及 加强以服务为本的人力资源培训,以提升集团的竞争力, 最终获评判激赏,认为他们能准确及有系统地剖析集团问 题,并提出具逻辑兼合理的解决方案。 队员表示,收到这题目以及集团的财务资料后,花了大量 时间梳理管理会计报告内容的格式、表达方法及原理等; 而他们并不熟悉酒店业的运作,因此要阅读很多业内的市 场报告及分析,掌握行业状况。 他们说:「我们应用了课程所学的知识,例如我们会以市 场为本导向,先了解顾客需要,并提供吻合公司价值的方 案,而非只硬销自己的一套。」 S olberri, a premier resort chain located in the Mediterranean Sea, was once a global benchmark in the industry but suffered years of disappointing performance. What solution should it adopt to reverse the situation? This challenge constantly faced by veteran enterprise consultants was posed to four CUHK global business study (GBS) students at an international competition. How would these novices diagnose the case?