Newsletter No. 346

No. 346, 4.11.2009 第三四六期 二零零九年十一月四日 No. 346 4 November 2009 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at (续下页 To be continued ) 千秋壮观人类史的揭密 Underground Detectives ─ 访考古学家邓聪教授 An Interview with Professor Tang Chung 可 说是考古情痴的中大历史系副教授及中国文化研 究所中国考古艺术研究中心(下称中心)主任邓 聪教授,投身东亚考古工作近二十五年,发掘的地点由港 澳以至中国内地,甚或远达越南、日本、法国等地。这些年 来,中心已获逾一千万元的研究经费,开展不同项目。 自然科学结合人文学科 考古学是一门结合科学与历史的学科,除了研究文献历 史,还涉及DNA化验、碳十四年代测定、地貌学测量、动植 物的分析等,要有不同科学家参与,方能完整地复原往昔 的生活面貌,完成报告。难怪邓教授说:「一个国家的考古 工作做得好与否,视乎有多少科学家积极参与。」 师承中大前副校长兼剑桥大学考古学家郑德坤教授,邓 教授在中大修读历史本科时,已深受薰陶。硕士毕业后, 他远赴日本东北大学和东京大学深造,获得考古学博士学 位。 重塑香港七千年历史原貌 1985年,邓教授返港主持中心,在本港开展多项遗址发掘 工作。以经济及商业挂帅的香港,到处高厦林立、车水马 龙,但繁华闹市的地下,原来蕴藏了数千年的历史文化。 多赖考古学家锄铲互挥,翻开沉甸甸的钢筋水泥,层层扒 拨,抽丝剥茧,我们方可窥探得这现代都市的根源。由八 十年代到九十年代,中心开展和参与了两次全港考古资 源普查工作。就在与中大遥遥相对的吐露港小岛─丫洲 上,发现了薄薄的彩陶时期文化层。出土陶片经物理系的 热释光测定,是距今六千多年以前的古物。香江历史,又岂 仅是殖民地时代前的小渔村般短浅。 中心获徖奕信勋爵文物信托基金资助一百三十多万元,以 香港考古工作为主题,制作一辑三集的光碟《香江怀古》, 述及香港七千年以来的风貌、出土文物、历史印证,又触及 四千多年前香港的玉器文化及衣饰演变,是首套有系统缕 述香港历史的光碟。摄制队曾赴北京、广东、海南岛等地 拍摄。 邓教授指出,研究香港的历史,不能只眼于本地,而要 从东亚洲这历史大脉络中整合,才可拼成一幅较完整的版 图。他曾到黑龙江、辽宁、内蒙古、日本及俄罗斯等地野外 工作,察觉到在中国东北、俄罗斯滨海地区和日本北陆一 带出土的七八千年前玉器饰物,其工艺技术非常相近。这 发现串连了不同地域在古代的关系,亦为以往认为日本在 新石器时代是东亚孤儿的学说,带来崭新观点。 怀土会发扬考古文化 为使考古学薪火相传,邓教授除了执教,亦自发组织了 「怀土会」,招募对考古有兴趣的历史系硕士毕业生, 亲自带领他们到遗址发掘,从实践中学习,又要求他们 在中大考古展览厅任义务导赏员,向中学生推广考古 知识。 凭孜孜不倦的努力,把考古学在这繁盛小岛发扬光 大。邓教授于2009年2月获德国考古研究院选为通讯 院士,为中国大陆六十年以来第十二位获此殊荣的专 家,也是港澳地区首位得此荣誉的学者。德国考古研究 院成立于1829年,是当今世上历史最悠久的考古研究 机构之一,其通讯院士衔是国际考古学界公认的学术 荣誉。 P rofessor Tang Chung, associate professor in the Department of History and director of Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art (CCAA), Institute of Chinese Studies, is an archaeology buff who has dedicated himself to East Asian archaeology for 25 years. The sites he has helped to excavate span many places from Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China, to Vietnam, Japan and France. Over the years, the CCAA has acquired over HK$10 million in research funding. Integration of Science and Humanities Archaeology is a cross-disciplinary study integrating science and history. In addition to documentary research, other experts are employed for DNA testing, carbon 14 dating, geomorphologic survey, as well as zoological and botanical analysis. By pooling scientific expertise in different fields, a complete picture of the lives of early inhabitants could be reconstructed. Hence, Professor Tang described, ‘The quality of the archaeological development of a country depends on the number of scientists involved.’ Professor Tang was greatly influenced by Prof. Cheng Te-kun, former CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor and archaeologist at the University of Cambridge. He grew fond of archaeology when he was studying history at CUHK as an undergraduate. After obtaining his master’s degree, he pursued doctoral studies in archaeology at Tohoku University and Tokyo University. Reconstructing Hong Kong’s History After returning to Hong Kong in 1985, he directed the CCAA and started various local archaelogical excavation projects. Hong Kong, a prosperous concrete jungle with business and finance as its lifeblood, in fact, has a historical culture of several thousand years. When archaeologists dig in the city, they reveal facts about its history buried under layers of reinforced concrete. From the ‘80s to ‘90s, CCAA has conducted two surveys of archaeological sites. On A Chau in Tolo Harbour squarely opposite the University, the survey team found a thin archaeological layer of painted pottery. Thermoluminescence tests conducted by the Department of Physics of the University dated the painted pottery to more than 6,000 years ago. Hence, the roots of this modern city can go back far from a small fishing village before colonization. Funded by the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust with over HK$1.3 million, CCAA will produce a series of three DVDs about local archaeological work. The DVDs contain information on Hong Kong culture, archaeological finds and historical corroboration since 7,000 years ago and carry the story of the evolution of jade culture and clothing in Hong Kong 4,000 years ago. These are the first DVDs to systemically give a detailed account of Hong Kong history. The shooting crew has set foot in places such as Beijing, Guangdong and Hainan. 考古学是寻找历史文化根源的学科, 出土文物层出不穷,常会带来惊喜, 而考古研究超越民族主义,最终目标 是复原数百万年人类历史,意义重大! Archaeology is a subject which strives to trace the origin of history and culture. The variety of artifacts found often surprises archaeologists. This subject goes beyond nationalism and aims at reconstructing history of millions of years. What a meaningful discipline! ─邓聪教授 Professor Tang Chung ‘ ’