Newsletter No. 349

No. 349, 19.12.2009 The 67 th C ongregation 第三四九期 二零零九年十二月十九日 No. 349 19 December 2009 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at ( To be continued ) T he Chinese University of Hong Kong held its 67th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees on 10 December. Dr. the Honourable Donald Tsang, GBM, Chancellor of the University, presided at the Congregation. The Chinese University conferred honorary doctorates on three distinguished persons, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to academic and scientific advancements, socio- economic progress, promotion of the well- being of the people, and the development of the University. They were: Dr. Song Jian (left), Dr. the Honourable Tang Ying-yen Henry (below), and Prof. Roger Y. Tsien (bottom). 香 港中文大学在12月 10日举行第六十七 届颁授学位典礼,由大学监 督曾荫权博士大紫荆勋贤主 持,颁授荣誉博士学位、高 级学位及学士学位共七千一 百三十九个。 大学在这次大会颁授荣誉博 士学位予三位杰出人士,以 表彰他们对促进科学技术和 社会经济发展、增进人民福 祉,以及对中大发展的杰出 贡献,他们分别为宋健博士 ( 上 )、唐英年博士( 中 )和 钱永健教授( 下 )。 获颁法学博士学位的宋健博 士,是国家杰出领导人及知名科学家,对国家科 学发展有非凡贡献,并且一直鼎力支持中大的科 研项目,惠赐宝贵意见。 另一位获颁荣誉法学博士学位的是现任香港特别 行政区政务司司长唐英年博士。他尽心尽力为香 港市民服务,对本港公共服务及工商业发展贡献 良多。 钱永健教授则获颁授荣誉理学博士学位。钱教 授以其对荧光蛋白的研究获得2008年度诺贝尔 化学奖。他在答谢演说中指出: 大学教育最弥足珍贵之处,是 作为学生遮风挡雨的天地,供 他们修读不同学科,涉猎不同学 术领域,选择不同的事业,让每 个人从中认清自己的兴趣和潜能 所在。 四所成员书院也在同日下午为其 本科生举行毕业典礼。硕士学位课 程毕业典礼则于12月11日和12日分 八节于邵逸夫堂和林荫大道举行。 二零零八至零九年度颁授学位数目 Breakdown of Degrees Conferred in 2008-09 荣誉博士 Honorary Doctorate 3 医学博士 Doctor of Medicine 5 哲学博士 Doctor of Philosophy 247 教育博士 Doctor of Education 4 音乐博士 Doctor of Music 1 心理学博士 Doctor of Psychology 1 哲学硕士 Master of Philosophy 320 文学硕士 Master of Arts 1,415 神道学硕士 Master of Divinity 9 艺术硕士 Master of Fine Arts 3 音乐硕士 Master of Music 2 会计学硕士 Master of Accountancy 40 工商管理硕士 Master of Business Administration 438 专业会计学硕士Master of Professional Accountancy 70 教育硕士 Master of Education 112 法律博士 Juris Doctor 109 法学硕士 Master of Laws 214 临﨟药剂学硕士 Master of Clinical Pharmacy 19 家庭医学硕士 Master of Family Medicine 4 健康科学硕士 Master of Health Science 16 护理硕士 Master of Nursing 19 职业医学硕士 Master of Occupational Medicine 8 公共徖生硕士 Master of Public Health 27 中医学硕士 Master of Chinese Medicine 6 理学硕士 Master of Science 813 建筑硕士 Master of Architecture 38 社会科学硕士 Master of Social Science 230 社会工作硕士 Master of Social Work 21 文学士 Bachelor of Arts 503 工商管理学士 Bachelor of Business Administration 617 文学士及教育学士 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education 32 教育学士 Bachelor of Education 22 工程学士 Bachelor of Engineering 332 内外全科医学士 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 133 护理学士 Bachelor of Nursing 171 药剂学士 Bachelor of Pharmacy 27 中医学学士 Bachelor of Chinese Medicine 17 理学士 Bachelor of Science 596 社会科学学士 Bachelor of Social Science 495 总数 Total 7,139 第六十七届大会 the technological and economic advancements of China and has rendered his valuable advice and encouragement to help CUHK promote research and development in science and technology. Also conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, was Dr. the Honourable Tang Ying-yen Henry. Now the Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR, Dr. Tang has made remarkable contributions in public service and industry and commerce, and offered outstanding and dedicated service to the Hong Kong community. Prof. Roger Y. Tsien was conferred the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa . Professor Tsien was awarded Dr. Song Jian was conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa . He is a distinguished state leader and a world -renowned scientist, who has made exceptional contributions to