Newsletter No. 352

No. 352, 4.2.2010 第三五二期 二零一零年二月四日 No. 352 4 February 2010 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at 恭贺新禧 Happy New Year 新春假期后,本刊下一期(第三五三期) 将于3月4日出版 。 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break after the 4 February issue and resume publication on 4 March. 中 大新书院成员之一─和声书院,于1月25日举行 奠基典礼。当天嘉宾盈门,民政事务局局长曾德成 先生、浙江大学发展委员会主席张浚生教授、宝桑教育基 金会董事长及中华海峡两岸客家文经交流协会理事长饶 颖奇先生、林李翘如博士、李和声先生、书院创办人李和 鑫博士、中大校长刘遵义教授,以及书院创院院长刘允怡 教授,在位于士林路旁、陈震夏宿舍前方的院址,戴上金 色安全帽主礼,另有逾百大学成员及书院好友出席。 和声书院蒙李和鑫博士及其家族慷慨捐款,在2007年成 立,并以李博士兄长李和声先生命名。李和鑫博士表示: 「教育的根本目标,就是提升人类的素质。和声书院的目 标是为香港、内地,以至世界培育领袖人才。」 李和声先生对和声书院寄予厚望,他认为:「书院不仅是 传授知识的地方,更重培养学生的品德,不忘助人,敬老 扶弱,取诸社会,用诸社会。」他期望学生谨守院训之「和」 德,待人平和,以客观理性的态度讨论分析,并能融会各方 意见,解决问题。 刘遵义校长致欢迎辞时表示:「李和鑫博士及其家族在中 大创办和声书院,不但体现了兄友弟恭的中华传统美德, 也使中大有这样的荣幸为新书院冠以和声先生的嘉名,永 志李和鑫博士及其家族对本校的卓越建树和贡献。」 刘允怡院长认为:「书院生活是年轻学子人生画卷上绚丽 的笔触,透过参与书院的活动和非形式教育,同学们可以 互相切磋砥砺,共同体验人生。」 和声书院预计于2011至12学年录取首批学生。 T he Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Lee Woo Sing College, one of the five new Colleges of CUHK, was held on 25 January. The ceremony took place at the College site on Residence Road in the valley in front of the Chan Chun Ha Hostel. Wearing gold-coloured safety helmets, The Honourable Tsang Tak-sing, Secretary for Home Affairs; Prof. Zhang Junsheng, chairman of the Development Committee of Zhejiang University; Mr. Yao Eng-chi, chairman of Pao-Sang Education Foundation and president of The Cross-Strait Hakka Cultural and Economic Exchange Association; Dr. Alice Piera Lam Lee Kiu-yue; Mr. Lee Woo-sing; Dr. Li Wo- hing, founder of the College; Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, CUHK Vice-Chancellor; and Prof. Joseph W.Y. Lau, founding master of the College, officiated at the ceremony. Also in attendance were over a hundred members of the University and supporters of the College. Lee Woo Sing College was established in 2007 with the generous support of Dr. Li Wo-hing, the College founder, and his family. It is named after Dr. Li’s brother, Mr. Lee Woo-sing. ‘The ultimate goal of education is to enhance the quality of the human race. At Lee Woo Sing College, we aim at nurturing leaders for Hong Kong, the mainland and the world,’ said Dr. Li. Mr. Lee Woo-sing has high expectations of Lee Woo Sing College. ‘A college does not only impart knowledge; it also cultivates among students a commitment to the needy, to the elderly, and to the community,’ remarked Mr. Lee. He wishes that students of Lee Woo Sing College will 和 声 书 院 奠 基 Foundation Stone Laid for Lee Woo Sing College be encouraged to serve the community and the country; to achieve ‘harmony’ in their dealings with the world in accordance with the College motto; to treat others with moderation; to be objective in their analyses and receptive of different opinions in their approach to problems. ‘The establishment of Lee Woo Sing College at CUHK by Dr. Li Wo-hing and his family is a perfect manifestation of the traditional Chinese virtue of fraternity. It also gives us the honour to name our new College after Mr. Lee Woo- sing to commemorate the significant achievements and contributions of both Dr. Li and his family to the Chinese University,’ said Prof. Lawrence J. Lau at the ceremony. ‘The last piece of the jigsaw in a young person’s education should be furnished by the collegiate experience. By joining the activities and experiencing non-formal education organized by the Colleges, students can learn from each other through mutual discussions and broaden their perspectives. The general education offered by the Colleges will also help students develop their communication and leadership skills, and teach them the proper ways of conducting themselves in society,’ said Prof. Joseph W.Y. Lau, founding master of the College. The College is expected to admit its first cohort of students in the 2011—12 academic year. 左起:刘遵义校长、李和声先生、饶颖奇先生、曾德成先生、张浚生教授、林李翘如博士、李和鑫博士、刘允怡教授 From left: Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, Mr. Lee Woo-sing, Mr. Yao Eng-chi, The Honourable Tsang Tak-sing, Prof. Zhang Junsheng, Dr. Alice Piera Lam Lee Kiu-yue, Dr. Li Wo-hing, and Prof. Joseph W.Y. Lau 高奇峰《虎啸》(文物馆藏品) Tiger by Gao Qifeng (the Art Museum Collection)