Newsletter No. 359

No. 359, 4.6.2010 第三五九期 二零一零年六月四日 No. 359 4 June 2010 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at C UHK held its Ninth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony on 17 May at Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Esther Lee Building. Six distinguished persons who have been closely associatedwith the University were conferred honorary fellowships in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the University and the community. They were Prof. Lee Pui-leung Rance (1st left), Mr. Leung Ying- wai Charles (2nd left), Prof. Thomas Chung-wai Mak (3rd left), Prof. Sun Sai-ming Samuel (3rd right), Dr. Tam Wah-ching (2nd right) and Prof. Wu Weishan (1st right). Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng (5th left), Chairman of the University Council, presided at the ceremony. Professor Sun, a graduate of the University, gave a vote of thanks to the University on behalf of the recipients. Recalling his days at New Asia College, he described how deep friendship developed among teachers and students and how the hardship he experienced at New Asia during its early days had its effect on him. During his 25 years of work and study in the US, his education and experience at the College provided him with support of pivotal importance. In recent years, Professor Sun participated in the establishment of S.H. Ho College, and this has further strengthened his understanding of and conviction about the college system. Prof. Lee Pui-leung Rance Renowned sociologist Prof. Lee Pui-leung Rance is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at CUHK. As a Chung (To be continued) (续下页) Chi College graduate, Professor Lee started teaching in CUHK after receiving his PhD in the US and has served the University for 41 years in many important positions, including as member of the University Council, member of the Senate and Dean of Social Science. During his 10-year tenure as Head of Chung Chi College, Professor Lee has made remarkable contributions towards campus improvement works; uniting teachers, students and alumni; and promoting the College’s tradition of open- mindedness and liberal arts education. Professor Lee is now Master-Designate of Wu Yee Sun College. Mr. Leung Ying-wai Charles Mr. Leung Ying-wai Charles is an eminent entrepreneur, philanthropist and distinguished alumnus of CUHK. He is the chairman and managing director of Hong Kong China Development Holdings Ltd. He co-founded the medical charity organization Operation Concern in 1994 which recruits Hong Kong medical professionals as volunteers to serve China’s remote rural areas by providing free medical treatment. The organization has so far helped more than 15,000 physically handicapped patients. He has also made significant donations to support various medical activities and the construction of related facilities. Mr. Leung is currently a member of the University Council of CUHK and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New Asia College. 香 港中文大学第九届荣誉院士颁授典礼于5月17日 假利黄瑶璧楼利希慎音乐厅举行,由大学校董 会主席郑海泉博士( 左五 )主礼,颁授院士衔予六位与 中大渊源深厚的贤达,表彰他们对大学及社会的卓越贡 献。他们是李沛良教授( 左一 )、梁英伟先生( 左二 )、麦 松威教授( 左三 )、辛世文教授( 右三 )、谭华正博士( 右 二 )及吴为山教授( 右一 )。 身为中大第三届毕业生的辛世文教授代表各受衔者致谢。 他提及当年的书院生活培养了师生间深厚的情谊,而早期 新亚书院艰苦的办学精神,更是他及后在美国二十五年求 学做事、面对逆境时的关键支援。近年他参与筹办成立善 衡书院,也使他对书院理念更认识及认同。 李沛良教授─学而优则治 著名社会学家李沛良教授现任中大社会学荣休讲座教授。 他毕业于中大崇基学院,在美国获哲学博士学位后随即返 母校任教,至今服务长达四十一年,历任大学校董、教务 会成员、社会科学院院长等多项要职。李教授曾出任崇基 学院院长十年,其间致力建设校园,并凝聚师生和校友的 力量,共同发扬学院的自由开放和博雅教育传统。他现为 伍宜孙书院候任院长。 梁英伟先生─开拓教育、医疗社会服务 梁英伟先生是杰出的慈善企业家及中大校友,现任港中发 展集团有限公司主席兼董事总经理。他参与创办「关怀行 动」,组织香港义务医疗人员前往国内偏远地区提供免费 医疗服务,自1994年成立至今已诊治了超过一万五千名残 障同胞。他亦长期资助内地多项医疗活动和建设项目。梁 先生现任大学校董及新亚书院校董会主席。 麦松威教授─致力栽培中港青年学者的杰出化学家 麦松威教授是杰出的结构化学家,现任中大化学荣休讲座 教授及伟伦化学研究讲座教授。麦教授多年来积极推动 内地化学研究的发展,为国家培养科技青年人才,2001年 获选为中国科学院院士,其首名内地博士生亦于2009年 获选为院士。麦教授在中大化学系任教逾四十年,历任理 学院院长及化学系系主任。 中大颁授六荣誉院士 CUHK Confers Six Honorary Fellowships