Newsletter No. 388

本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . 第三八八期 二零一一年十二月四日 No. 388 4 December 2011 P2 「古籍是有感情的, 像有生命。 」 ‘Rare books are full of feelings. They have a life of their own.’ P10 「我深深明白让贫困学生 得到帮助是多么重要。」 《中大通讯》电子版 Online version of CUHK Newsletter 博群论坛谈动物伦理 11月15日,五百多师生挤满位于中大之巅的新亚圆型广场,出席题为「动物伦 理与道德进步」的中大博群论坛。主讲者是台湾中央研究院副研究员钱永祥 教授和本港时事评论员梁文道。出席师生反应相当热烈,原定两小时的论 坛,最后延至近三小时,由阳光灿烂聊到日落西山,到夜幕低垂才曲终人散。 (叶帝含摄) I · CARE Forum on Animal Ethics Sitting at the hilltop of the CUHK campus, the New Asia Amphitheatre was packed with an audience of over 500 on 15 November. They were there for the I · CARE forum ‘Animal Ethics and Moral Progress’ presented by Prof. Chien Yeong-shyang, associate research fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and Mr. Leung Man-tao, local commentator. The fascinating topic drove the audience into active participation. Originally scheduled for two hours, it was extended to three hours until sunset. (Photo by Ms. Yeh Di-harn) ‘I realize how important it is that needy students get help.’