Newsletter No. 400

本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . 第四零零期 二零一二年六月十九日 No. 400  19 June 2012 P4 「《为吏之道》和《为吏治官 及黔首》应是秦一统天下前后 训练官吏用的读本⋯⋯」 ‘ The Way of Being an Official and How to Be an Official for the Common People were texts employed by the Qin government to train officials ...’ P2 「连加州理工大学和欧洲核 子研究中心都主动问我,今年 可不可以继续派学生去。」 ‘Caltech and CERN contacted me and asked me to send interns again this summer.’ P10 「最重要是有了解或探 索问题的精神。」 ‘The most important quality is the will to explore or eagerness to delve into a problem ...’ 四百期了! 《中大通讯》自1989年12月创刊,转眼已迎来了第400期。从最初的黑白、 十六开度、中英分版、每月出版一次,改为八开度、中英合版、半月出版 一次,其后再以彩色印刷,版面设计和内容不断革新,以满足读者需求。 今后将继往开来,精益求精,回馈大家的支持。 It is Issue No. 400! The first issue of the CUHK Newsletter was published in December 1989. And this, you’re reading, is the 400th issue. Over the years, we have changed from black and white to colour, from A4 size to A3, from separate Chinese and English versions to combined, from once a month, to twice a month. What’s more, the layout and contents have been continuously revised to keep up with the times and meet the needs of our readers. We have certainly come a long way. Thank you very much for being with us. With your continued support, we will strive to go even further. 本刊于暑期休刊,下期(第四零一期)将于8月19日出版。 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break after this issue and resume publication on 19 August.