Newsletter No. 418

P5 卢煜明膺选美国国家 科学院院士 Dennis Lo Elected to US National Academy of Science P10 「电子版革新了学术  书籍出版业,直接影响  我们的工作。」 ‘The availability of books and journals in the electronic format … bears directly on us as librarians.’ 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . 修桥人 近二十名中大师生和校友,联同其他四所国内外大学的学生,千里迢 迢到了位于甘肃省的党政村,花了一星期修建香港中文大学金禧无 止桥,以方便村民渡河。中大校长沈祖尧也不辞路远,专程到村子 里帮忙,并为这座无止桥揭幕。(见第4页) Bridge Builders Close to 20 CUHK teachers, students and alumni went to Dangzheng Village in Gansu Province to build a bridge across a temperamental river. Together with volunteers from four other Chinese and foreign universities, they finished the bridge in one week. Despite the village’s remote location, CUHK Vice-Chancellor Joseph J.Y. Sung went to help and officiated the opening ceremony. The bridge is named the ‘CUHK Golden Jubilee Wu Zhi Qiao’. (Please read p.4) 第四一八期 二零一三年五月十九日  No. 418 19 May 2013 P2 「我们每个人心里都住 一位诗人,有适当的环境和 土壤,他就会冒出头来。」 ‘In every heart lives a poet and he will emerge when the conditions are right.’