Newsletter No. 431

P2 「 图书馆大力支持『开放存 取』的概念 。」 ‘The Library supports the spirit of expanded access to scholarly research and resources.’ 恭贺新禧 H appy N ew Y ear 本下期(四三二期) 将于2月19日出版。 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break and resume publication on 19 February. 本刊由香港中文大学资讯处出版,每月出版两期。截稿日期及稿例载于 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . 进入几米世界 著名台湾绘本作家几米于1月10日主讲中大与信兴集团合办之「信 兴艺文讲座」,向一千五百名中大师生、校友及公众人士畅谈「我 所热爱的创作」,全场座无虚席。他道出当年无心插柳踏上艺术 路的经过,又述及重病对他体会生命和创作的影响。精采生动的 演讲,加上不平凡的人生经历,就如他的作品般有欢乐画面,也 带有淡淡的哀伤和些许的无奈,另有一番味道。 Enter the World of Jimmy Liao Mr. Jimmy Liao, a world renowned picture book author, spoke on ‘Creation through Illustration; My Passion’ for the Shun Hing Lecture in Arts and Humanities co-organized by CUHK and the Shun Hing Group on 10 January. The event drew a full house of about 1,500 CUHK staff and students, alumni and members of the public. Mr. Liao talked about how he embarked on a journey of art by accident and how serious illness triggered deeper thoughts on life and shaped the direction of his creation. His vivid presentation on his unusual experience is like his artwork, a brew of happiness and sadness. 第四三一期 二零一四年一月十九日  No. 431 19 January 2014 P10 「我发现这城市除了是广 为人知的购物天堂,其实 还有更多。」 ‘I have seen much more than the shopping paradise that everyone thinks Hong Kong is.’