Newsletter No. 445

445 · 19.10.2014 1 445 19 · 10 · 2014 生 命充满令人举棋不定的待决。无论诉诸动机或诉诸结果,判断牵涉道德伦 理时,更形复杂。专研应用伦理学的李翰林教授援用几个经典情境,引导大 家如何抽丝剥茧,做出明智决定,有时是非此即彼,更多是在两极之间落墨。 艺术与行政显然便不属非此即彼之列,新任崇基学院院长陈伟光教授是著名作曲家 和指挥家,历任文学院和崇基学院的行政要职。艺术家的气质如何利于行政,学院 的守、立与破如何互为因果,听他抚琴细道,如欣赏一场精彩的说话表演。 年轻人半戏言半抱怨自己正在同时效力多位上司,这也许是不少员工的心底话。且看 H君在回信中如何导,并解读管理学中的虚线与实线。 L ife is full of mind-boggling decisions. And ethics complicates the matter even further whether you’re judging the motivation or the outcome. An expert in practical ethics, Prof. Li Hon-lam of the Department of Philosophy uses classic scenarios to demonstrate how to unravel the layers of a situation in order to arrive at a wise decision. Sometimes it falls on either of the extremes, but more often, it falls somewhere between the two. Art and administration are not at opposite extremes of course. The new Head of Chung Chi College Prof. Victor Chan is a celebrated composer and conductor who had been in important administrative positions at the Arts Faculty and the College. Professor Chan tells us how an artist’s sensibility contributes to better administrative skills, and the interrelatedness of preserving, founding and breaking through in college administration. His words combined with his piano playing are reminiscent of a beautiful speech performance. Young people often joke or complain about having to serve many bosses─this could be at the back of the mind of many employees. Let’s see what advice H has to give on this, and on the dotted and solid lines of management. 目录 Contents 洞明集 In Plain View 2 Letters to a Young Executive 3 在电车站看艺术 CUHK Artists Turn Tram Shelters into Art Gallery 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 5 博文贯珍 The Galleria 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 崇基学院院长兼作曲家陈伟光谈教育与音乐(页8) Head of Chung Chi College and composer Victor Chan on music and education (p. 8) 融汇校友情 The Integration 中大东门的金禧校友园新置了一座雕塑「融汇」,由著名雕塑家吴为山教授设计。从不同角度观赏,可见青年和老人两副面孔,象征知识与人文 精神的传承。 A sculpture, named The Integration , has been installed in the Golden Jubilee Alumni Garden at Eastern Gate of CUHK. Designed and crafted by renowned sculptor Prof. Wu Weishan, The Integration takes the forms of a youngster on one side and an old man on the other, symbolizing the inheritance of knowledge and the spirit of humanity.