Newsletter No. 447

447 · 19.11.2014 1 447 19 · 11 · 2014 目录 Contents 学生创业新基地 New Student Entrepreneurial Initiatives at CUHK 2 Letters to a Young Executive 3 了不起的失败─张艾嘉谈成功道上 的挫折 The Success of Failure: Sylvia Chang Shares her Stories of Defeat on the Road of Victory 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 5 博文贯珍 The Galleria 6 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 文坛巨擘的艺术人生 Arts and Life of a Literary Master 10月31日下午,逾八百位中、大学生和公众人士挤满大学图书馆进学园,不只为了一睹诺贝尔文学奖得主高行健博士的风采,更重要的是聆听他的 「艺术与人生」。 In the afternoon of 31 October, the Learning Garden of the University Library was packed with over 800 secondary and university students, and members of the public who came not only to see Dr. Gao Xingjian, Nobel Laureate in Literature, but also listen to his lecture on ‘Arts and Life’. 计算机科学学生曾家俊的创业路(页8) Tsang Ka-chun Tab on student entrepreneurship (p.8) 今 时今日,学业与事业已无必然次序,在学的不断寻找工作机会,就业的又不 断忙于进修。廿一岁的乔布斯在自家车房砌造出世界最早的商业化个人电 脑,成立苹果公司的轶事,是颠覆次序的经典。 想创业的学生不可能都是乔布斯,但年轻人的梦想和雄心毕竟值得支持鼓励。在寸 金尺土的香港,一个媲美车房的空间是最实际不过的,再加上技术和行政支援,创 意氛围的营造,可说是几近完美的组合─中大做到了。本期给读者介绍促进创业的 Pi Centre,还有二年级生曾家俊的现身说法。 创业向来成少败多,然而人生是一场长途旅行,实在无须执目的地的景观而错过 了沿途风景。张艾嘉在10月底的一场讲座里,与大家分享她怎样把失败当作牛奶喝 进肚子里,汲取养分。 I n this day and age, work and study no longer follow a fixed order. Students seek employment opportunities, while those in the workforce look to further their studies. Steve Jobs famously subverted the study-work order when he built the world’s first commercial PC in his home garage at 21, before going on to found Apple. Not all students wishing to start their own companies are Steve Jobs, but their dreams and ambitions are still worth supporting. In Hong Kong, where land is scarce, a space of a size comparable to Jobs’s garage, technical and administrative support, and a creative atmosphere are a dream combination for such students, a combination that has materialized at the Chinese University. This issue will introduce the Pi Centre (Pre- incubation Centre) and student entrepreneur Tsang Ka-chun will share his experience. Failures may outnumber successes along the entrepreneurial path, but life’s journey has many other scenarios in store. In a talk in late October, actress and film director Sylvia Chang talked about how she gulped down failure like a glass of milk. Photo by ISO staff