Newsletter No. 451

451 · 19.1.2015 1 451 19 · 01 · 2015 任 凭是谁,总会有过仰观穹苍而自小,或是惊叹宇宙设计精妙而颓然之时。 进化论与创世论,纵非思考万物起源的终点站,也必定是中途站。在进化 背后是否藏有无形之手,最是叫人困惑。夏其龙神父从宗教与社会角度与大家概 谈一二。 政要领袖、机构要员演说频仍,字字珠玑往往出自无名之手,已是公开秘密。虽 曰官样文章,亦有高下之分。本期,H君便向接此重责的年轻行政人员倾授撰辞 锦囊。 言志也好,言情也好,总需从心出发,才能言之有物。表达的欲望是创作的泉源。 中大同工不乏创作旺盛之辈,朱顺慈教授最近和我们分享了她过去两年的创作历 程,还有「充电」的经验。大家艳羡之余,不妨坐言起行,仿而效之。 W e have all had the experience of being overwhelmed by the grandeur of the universe and feeling our own smallness and insignificance. Evolution and creation are essential for examining the origin of the universe, even if they do not seem to offer final answers. Is there intent behind evolution? Rev. Louis Ha discusses this and more from the perspectives of religion and society. It’s hardly a secret that speeches by political leaders and heads of organizations are often penned by ghost writers. What distinguishes an excellent speech from a run-of- the-mill one? H shares a tip or two with a young executive tasked with this important responsibility. The desire to express is the fountain of creation. There are quite a number of creative minds among CUHK staff. Prof. Donna Chu of the School of Journalism and Communication shares with us her journey of creation and revitalization of the last two years. Perhaps after reading, you would want to embark on the same. 目录 Contents 科学与信仰 友谊重拾还是战火重燃? Science and Faith Renewed Friendship or Hostility? 2 Letters to a Young Executive 3 中大小书店 CUP Corner 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 5 博文贯珍 The Galleria 6 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 金禧承泽园揭幕 Golden Jubilee Garden of Appreciation Opens 为感谢历年支持中大发展的社会贤达,大学于邵逸夫堂与润昌堂之间修建金禧承泽园。2014年12月6日,逾一百五十名捐赠人、友好、校友及教 职员济济一堂出席揭幕仪式。 To acknowledge the generous contributions of the major benefactors of CUHK, the Golden Jubilee Garden of Appreciation was built between Sir Run Run Shaw and Y C Liang Halls. Over 150 donors, friends, alumni, faculty members and staff celebrated the opening of the garden on 6 December 2014. 朱顺慈教授谈其电影与小说(页8) Prof. Donna Chu on her film and novel (p. 8) Photo by ISO staff