Newsletter No. 452

452 · 4.2.2015 1 452 04 · 02 · 2015 人 类义无反顾发展资讯科技,其实也把自己置于更脆弱的险境,只是我们都 乐于先享眼前利益,而忽略潜伏危机。信息工程学系刘永昌教授向我们概 述网络安全的攻防形势。在庆幸有专家设法把关之余,我们是否也要重新审视对 科技的依赖? 「发展」是好是坏?「予岂好辩哉?予不得已也。」辩争是难以避免的。中大多的是 好辩之徒,辩论传统悠久,屡创佳绩,原来有坚实后援。本期特稿细说从头。 队员当然知道,辩论不能抽离现实,否则只流于辩技。要深入了解我们身处的境 地,需要多角度的认知和思考。社会科学院院长赵志裕教授就谈到跨学科教研如 何帮助解构复杂的社会现象。 「界定」是辩论技巧之一,但对某些事物的定义无需执着。兰苑的咖喱好吃就够 了,尽管知道它的正名是「马萨拉」,也是好的。 W hen humans throw themselves into developing information technology, they also expose themselves to unprecedented risks. But often we are too engrossed in the luxuries of technology to notice the dangers. Prof. Lau Wing-cheong of the Department of Information Engineering talks to us about Internet security and cyber-attacks. While congratulating ourselves on having experts to help safeguard our security, should we also reconsider our dependence on technology? Is development a blessing or a curse? ‘Am I fond of debate? But I have no choice.’ As Mencius said, debate is inevitable when it comes to certain topics. CUHK, with its long history of debate, has its fair share of fans of the art. Behind the successes of its debate team is a unique tradition and its supporters. This issue of the Newsletter will tell you more. Experienced debaters know that good arguments are not purely dazzling speech performances, but are grounded in reality. To understand our society and place in the world, we need to think from multiple perspectives. The new Dean of Social Science, Prof. Chiu Chi-yue, shares with us how inter-disciplinary teaching and research can help explain the complexities of different social phenomena. Definitions are important in debates, but they are more relaxed in the kitchen. It is good to know that the curry served at Orchid Lodge is masala, but more importantly, that it’s delicious. 目录 Contents 江山代有辩才出─中大的口舌传承 CUHK Debate Team Always Passes on the Torch 2 洞明集 In Plain View 4 字里科技 Tech Talks 5 舌尖上的中大 CUHK f+b 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 文学音乐二重奏 A Harmonious Duet 1月28日,作家黄碧云回到母校,在新亚圆形广场伴温婉低沉的巴哈无伴奏大提琴组曲,朗诵其小说《阴天,间或有阳光》。当日天气亦如是。 On 28 January, writer Ms. Wong Bik-wan returned to her alma mater and recited one of her short stories at the New Asia Amphitheatre to Bach’s cello suites. Photo by Jenny Lau 赵志裕教授,新任社会科学院院长(页8) Prof. Chiu Chi-yue, the new Dean of Social Science (p. 8) Photo by ISO staff