Newsletter No. 456

456 · 19.4.2015 1 456 19 · 04 · 2015 黄 梅时节,雨湿雾浓,把中大山城晕染得如画中仙境。此际传来朦胧诗鼻祖北岛获 得金花环奖美誉的消息,真是应时不过。 在这连墙壁都能哭出泪来的日子,本刊同事走进拥有千百珍藏的中大文物庤的修护工作 室,了解副馆长姚进庄教授和修复师谢光寒领导的吕寿琨水墨画修护计划,认识装裱艺 术,当中的考量、技术和工序。 文物修护计划如大学不少学术教研和学生发展活动一样,得赖仁人君子捐资成全。协助 大学师生达成理想,是否名流巨贾、跨国企业才有能力?拓展及筹募处处长周瑶慧女士平 实道来,原来一切源于一份情意。 S pring descends upon the campus, shrouding everything in fog and turning it into a misty paradise. What coincidence that one of the fathers of obscurist poetry Bei Dao has received the coveted Golden Wreath Award. On these days of humidity so high that even walls can cry, the Newsletter enters the restoration studio of the Art Museum to learn about the ‘Conservation of Lui Shou- kwan’s Paintings’ project led by museum associate director Prof. Josh Yiu and conservator Xie Guanghan, and the technicalities and considerations in mounting and remounting art works of great value. Support for art restoration, like many of the University’s academic research and student development activities, relies in great part on the generosity of benefactors. But can only the rich and powerful help to realize the dreams of academic staff and students? Director of Institutional Advancement, Ms. Janet Chow, explains that it all originates in the heart. 目录 Contents 书画装池的隐形艺术 The Invisible Art of Restoring Scroll Paintings 2 花.诗.乐.书的交织 Interweaving Flowers with Poetry, Film and Music 4 字里科技 Tech Talks 5 舌尖上的中大 CUHK f+b 5 校园消息 Campus News 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 . . . 周瑶慧:你我都是善长 (页8) Janet Chow: We can all be donors (p. 8) Photo by ISO staff 最有诗意的走马灯 The Poetic Revolving Lantern 学生应博群花节的主题而赋诗,部分诗作印在走马灯上供大家欣赏( 页4 ) Students were invited to contribute poems to the I · Care Floral Festival. Some of their works were printed on a revolving lantern ( p. 4 )