Newsletter No. 457

457 · 4.5.2015 1 457 4 · 5 · 2015 目录 Contents 通识教学的成功窍门 What Makes Good GE Teaching? 2 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 4 Letters to a Young Executive 6 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 口谈实录 Viva Voce 8 颁发三十五年长期服务奖时,沈祖尧校长( 左 )特别感谢生物医学学院姚大卫教授─沈校长念医时的解剖学老师。(页5) Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung ( left ), Vice-Chancellor, gave special thanks to Prof. Yew Tai-wai David of the School of Biomedical Sciences when presenting the 35 years long service award. Professor Yew was his anatomy teacher in medical school. (p. 5) 谢师 Thank You Teacher 方丰闵:九十后也能吃苦 (页8) Fermi Fang: Post-90s can be tough too (p. 8) 很 多人说,今时今日,教书就像上戏台,必须使出浑身解数才能留住观众。演 员无论多投入角色,戏演完了,总有抽离的一刻。以春风化雨为志的老师, 却每时每刻、一言一行均以学生的学习为念,甚至期望自己的教化能对学生起毕生作 用。两位通识教育模范教学奖得主何志明教授和麦高登教授就是一例。 H君则把大学职场比作演艺舞台,不明所以?且听他细加分析。舞台演出主次有别, 进出有度。熟读脚本,稳记介口,那么无论扮演任何角色,都能充分发挥,造就一台 好戏。 念酒店管理学的方丰闵,名副其实爱上了舞台─The Stage,角色则由实习生转为 经理。这位不怕苦的小伙子,意强志坚,决与教学餐厅共创新天。 M any people say teaching nowadays is like a show that requires the actor to resort to all means in order to retain the attention of the audience. Well, actors can step out of the characters when the play is over, but good teachers cannot. Teachers who treat teaching as a lifelong vocation have their students in mind no matter what they do, and hope that their ideas will bring lifelong benefits to their students. Two teachers who received the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2014, Prof. Ho Chi-ming and Prof. Gordon Mathews are examples. Meantime, H. also compares the University workplace to a stage. Why? Let him explain it to you. If you know what your role is, know when to enter and exit, know the script and the transitions by heart, you will be able to give your very best performance. A student of hotel management, Fermi Fang fell in love with The Stage, a cafe on campus, where his role morphed from apprentice to manager. The talented and determined young man has his mind set on taking the teaching restaurant up a few notches. Photo by ISO staff Photo by ISO staff